33 Little-Known Airport Facts to Help You Travel Easier

by SharonKurheg

I’ve always loved little info tidbits, especially in relation to traveling. Stuff that you may not have ever thought of or heard about. It could be what Disney Rash is, or why planes don’t fly over the Pacific Ocean or even why you should keep a discontinued credit card.

If you’re like me and enjoy learning those little things, keep reading…

Granted, I’m sure there will be some things in the following video that you already know. And I bet a few of you will know a lot of them. But I bet you can’t go through this whole list and know every single thing they mention. I didn’t.

I’ll give my editorial comments for some of them underneath the video.

#1: I knew about the 2nd option and had heard about the 3rd one (although I didn’t know it was worldwide) but had no idea about the 1st option they mentioned. Not that I plan on bringing anything onto a plane that could be seized at the airport, but I’m going to look into that one.

#4: Besides how it’s labeled, also be aware of how much powdered material you bring in your carry on – there’s a limit.

#5: Does anyone know what “special clips” they’re talking about? I know that Knee Defenders are banned, so…? (the video was made in mid-2019, which was long after Knee Defenders were banned)

#6: There are lots of airports that offer an even more convenient option nowadays (unless that’s what the video was suggesting? The photo wasn’t indicative of it, though).

#11: We disagree with this one. At least if you’re paying with a credit card. Here’s why.

#12: That’s a good start. So is taking a Sudafed or something similar. However, using these will help even more.

#14: “Have a tendency to explode?” Well, I think that’s a bit much. Anyway, here’s some more info about which ones you can and cannot bring in carry on vs. checked luggage.

#17: That’s BRILLIANT!

#18: Anyone know why? It’s less than 3.4 ounces – couldn’t it just go in your bag o’liquids?

#27: Here are some specific examples of stuff to do!

#30: I call bullspit. Just sayin’.

#33: I’m willing to bet that not all airports have this feature

So that’s my take on them. Not a whole lot I didn’t know, but #17 was definitely new to me, we disagree with #11 and 30, and I’m just not sure what they’re talking about with #5 and 18.

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1 comment

Asia January 21, 2024 - 4:58 pm

This is just littered with inane facts and misinformation. #1 TSA won’t keep anything for you. Mail it, check it or say bye bye. #2 Nail polish is a liquid in a sealed bottle or not. I’ve never seen a bottle bigger than half an ounce and therefore you can carry it on. AND you CAN bring a nail file. Just make sure it’s wrapped so it won’t stab an inspector. #3 Ever use a space blanket? They are noisy. You, and everyone around you, will hear *crinkle crinkle crinkle* the entire flight….and then you lost me at the free upgrades and capsule hotel thing


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