The Carry-On Bag That Doubles As a Baby Stroller is New & Improved

by SharonKurheg

When you go to an airport or hotel, you invariably see a parent who allows their kid to straddle the bag handle so they can “ride around” on the wheeled luggage that their designated adult pushes or pulls.

When we were at the Hyatt Regency in Danang, I saw a dad do this and leave the 1-year-old for a moment. The suitcase was too heavy with the weight of the baby, and it fell over. The kid did a face plant; it was awful. But I guess that’s why different companies have invented bags that really CAN double as a baby carrier.

I saw my first example of those back in very early 2020, we wrote about an interesting item made by Mountain Buggy, called the Bagrider. It was described as “The ultimate kids travel solution. Bagrider is designed to simplify family travel for parents and avoid the struggle of taking both a buggy [Note from Sharon: that’s NZ/Kiwi for stroller] and carry on luggage through transit. Bagrider offers effortless travel time for families by transforming from a two wheeled carry on suitcase into a traveling seat for toddlers up to 15kg/ 33lbs, while retaining its luggage storage capacity.”

a man pushing a child on a luggageAt the time, I thought it was a very cool concept, so I wrote a piece about it on Your Mileage May Vary. And then, of course, the pandemic happened and, 4 years on, I had completely forgotten about it.

But then I had an online friend who was looking for a way to negotiate her hometown airport with her toddler in tow. So I dug out my old post about the Bagrider and did some more research on it.

The first thing I discovered was that the Bagrider had been around since at least 2017.  Of course, 7 years is apparently “forever” in both the luggage and stroller industries. So, not surprisingly, the Bagrider has been improved upon since then.

One thing Mountain Buggy did was change its name. It’s now the Skyrider.

a man pushing a child in a luggage seatFor families who have the wanderlust gene, with a desire to explore near or far, Mountain Buggy® presents a travel essential in the most stylish form; skyrider™ luxury enables effortless travel for families – transforming from an ultra light carry on suitcase into a unique and safe travelling seat for your toddler.

With the highest attention to detail, skyrider™ luxury delivers all of Mountain Buggy’s DNA of manoeuvrability, adaptability, durability and simplicity; with its patented innovation of the base chassis, built in security lock, plush liner with a 3 point harness and classical aesthetic, shaped to perfection.

Roll on board or simply roll into the car; you can celebrate the world around you with safety and security in mind, as this also comes complete with a complimentary 3 year warranty*.

Here’s the official video for the newer product:

Looks like they’ve rearranged the wheels, which will make for easier pushing and maneuverability and probably more stability, as well. They’ve also gone from a 5-point safety harness to a 3-point harness. The back looks like it’s much more padded now, as well. Oh, and the price has gone from $139 on Amazon to $149 (which, for 4 years, isn’t bad at all. It’s $219 on Mountain Buggy’s official site, though).

Of course, between early 2020 and today, MANY more “carry on/stroller” combos have popped up on the market (please don’t get this one, though), so you have more choices than ever before. But if you’re looking for a “suitcase and rider in one,” this might be something that could fulfill your needs.

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