The Return of the All-Metal Ritz-Carlton Credit Card

by joeheg

I just received a credit card in the mail. It was in a typical non-descript white envelope that banks use so as not to draw attention to the fact that there’s a credit card inside. But I didn’t know why I received it. When I get a card in the mail, it’s usually because I’m expecting a new card, or it’s a replacement for a card that’s approaching the expiration date. However, when I opened it, I was surprised to find that this was actually the new, all-metal Ritz-Carlton™ Credit Card.

Chase emailed several weeks ago, letting us know the new card would be delivered soon.

I expected something like the fancy packaging the semi-metal card arrived in.

a black rectangular box on a wood surface

Understated Packaging

However, this time, there was no fancy box or booklet about the card’s benefits—just a card stuck to a piece of paper with that adhesive goo.

Also included was a reminder that this was the new, all-metal Ritz Carlton Credit Card. Although now it’s metal, the benefits have remained the same.

a card with a picture of a room with furniture

Card Appearance

The card does have a slightly different look than the older version. The logo is etched into the metal instead of feeling like it was stamped onto it.

New Card

a black credit card on a brown surface

Old Card

a black rectangular object with a logo on it

Card Weight

The main question when Chase reintroduced an all-metal Ritz-Carlton card was whether it would be as heavy as its previous version, which checked in at 27 grams.

I’m sorry to report that this card is nothing near that heavy.

It is significantly heavier than the previous version, which weighed around 14 grams.

I don’t have a scale that’s accurate down to milligram differences, but I’d say this card weighs in at around 18 grams. That puts it in the same category as the AMEX Platinum and the Capital One Venture X.

Final Thought

When Chase announced that they were bringing back the all-metal Ritz Carlton card, many thought it’d be the heavyweight it was before. While this new version is heavier than the previous card, the major difference is the etched look of the logo and the louder clank when you drop it on the counter.

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Lowe February 22, 2024 - 12:25 pm

Lighter should be good news unless youre some type of poser who needs a credit card to feel cool. Hate all these heavy cards weighing down my pockets.

Dom February 22, 2024 - 12:34 pm

It weighs 17 grams.

joeheg February 22, 2024 - 12:37 pm

My scale was flipping between 16 & 18 so that makes sense. When I put it and the Venture X on the scale, they were 34 grams. So both of them are 17.

David Miller February 22, 2024 - 1:18 pm

Metal – or – plastic, what is the big deal about being metal? It is just a credit card.


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