Pilot’s Perfect Revenge on Entitled Passenger?

by SharonKurheg

We all know that as time has gone on, some people in the world have attained a certain level of, shall we say, self-importance.

Unfortunately, thinking highly of yourself sometimes goes hand in hand with a sense of entitlement where you think your needs are above and beyond those of the rest of us. Of course, “the rest of us” know this isn’t true; it’s just a fantasy in the person’s head. So sometimes people will help the offending person come back down to their place with the rest of us…or sometimes they’ll be petty and just be revengeful ;-).

Let’s say the entitled person is a passenger on a plane. Revenge from a fellow passenger can end up in a variety of ways. But when the revenge is being dished out by the pilot of the plane, well…

The following was posted on Reddit’s r/pettyrevenge forum a couple of years ago. The forum is described as exactly you’d think it would: “For all your stories of small victories over those who’ve wronged you.

I’d give credit to the original poster, but their ID has since been deleted.

Invalid request error occurred.Also, heads up to anyone who clicks the original link – several replies are NSFW due to adult language.

Karen on a plane

I was on an airplane and right when we landed a Karen in the back unbuckled and darted to the front of the plane to get off first. She did not make any eye contact and felt that she was special. Im talking about going from the very last seat on the plane, down the whole row and past first class. basically standing at the little kitchen thing in the front. All this time the seat belt sign was still on and we were still rolling down the runway. The flight crew had asked her to return to her seat until we reached the gate but she was not even responding.

Everyone was basically trying to just wait it out, it was a long flight (8hrs) and at this point we were exhausted anyways. nobody said a word. Suddenly the captain announced we had a special guest on board and he will be coming out to greet after we were settled at the gate. The Karen stood there akwardly until we did the whole, rolling into the gate and whatever planes do when they land for about 15-20 mins.

Everyone sat there waiting to see what the captain was talking about.

Eventually the captain came out and asked the lady to please move back a little to get to his special guest, then a little more. Then a little more. He was looking from row to row trying to find a specific person. Everyone is watching and looking around to see who it could be.

he kept going and going asking the Karen to please step back a few more steps each time. Finally as they approached the rear of the plane he asked her to sit for a second while he grabbed the intercom at the rear of the plane.

“ladies and gentleman Id like to announce our special guest sitting in seat 42c. Lets giver her a round of applause”

the whole plane with wild with laughter and applause.

I loved every moment of that.

Some of the replies were…interesting:

  • I have a Tshirt that says, “STOP STANDING UP WHEN THE PLANE LANDS.” People either love it or don’t get it. — Thuggish_coffee
  • Bahahaha that’s so embarrassing. I would’ve loved to see her face. — Kydra96
  • That’s not a Karen that’s an a**hole — singnadine
  • I was on a flight back in October and it was taking awhile to get everyone moving to get off so a lot of people were still sitting or doing that standing knee on the seat with bags at the ready to go. These people from well behind me we just pushing their way through making it impossible for anyone in front of them to get out of their spot. Some guy behind me very loudly said “that’s not how any of this works!” And they let up a bit but not enough. For record this was to an airport that almost exclusively doesn’t have connecting flights (final or start destination only) — dinonuggiesmakemego)
  • Good ending, but I was hoping that the special guest was a federal marshall coming on board to arrest the Karen for refusing to follow safety-related commands given by members of the flight crew. — An-Old-Fart (Note from Sharon: Except that’s not what federal marshals actually do)
  • And we hope that mon Capitaine stationed himself at row 42 until the rest of the passengers disembarked before allowing Karen to get up. — DeletedID
  • That pilot is a hero to the people — imachiknsamich
  • Saw a couple do that once on a flight into Reno. They sprinted to the front of the plane as soon as the wheels touched down. The flight attendant got on the intercom and announced “Folks, we are not yet at the gate. And as another plane is still at our designated gate, we will be waiting here on the runway for a while longer. Please remain seated, with your seatbelt fastened. If this is your first time on a plane, I’ll explain it for you. The plane could move again at any moment. I repeat, we are still on the runway, and not at the gate.”
    A few people chuckled, then the laughter grew, and continued in waves. The idiot couple stood at the front of the plane, being laughed at for the next 15 minutes, as their expressions changed from smug, to defiant, to no longer making eye contact.   essssgeeee
  • Just so you know the “kitchen thing” is called the “galley area” 🙂 nice story! Flying is better if everyone is courteous to each other 🙂 — loki1337
  • Public shaming of intentional stupidity needs to make a comeback. — HoodieGalore

And some took a particular theme:

  • This definitely didn’t happen….for so many reasons. — a flight attendant — astroxo
  • Hmmmm… I’m thinking if this really happened, I’d be watching video of it here. Cool story tho. — Oknocando
  • Pretty sure the flight attendants would call the pilots and they would stop the plane on the taxiway until everyone is seated? — TranceDynasty
  • Yea that didn’t happen. — DeletedID

Our take on it

As a few other Redditors mentioned in their respective responses, sometimes a passenger has a tight connection and needs to leave the plane quickly so they can get to their next flight in time. However if they’re using the same airline, the flight attendants would know this, and might ask everyone to stay seated so these people can exit the plane quickly (not that everyone heeds the request, but sometimes it happens).

Sometimes, someone is just in a hurry for an emergency situation – a relative is very ill, they need to be somewhere at a certain time, etc. Those things happen and are understandable. But you’d think (or hope) the woman in question would have said something to the flight attendants when she got on the plane so they could be of some assistance in letting her leave the plane as quickly as possible.

Of course, Reddit allows for anonymous postings, so there’s no way to verify the story actually happened. There are definitely some holes in the story, such as the woman refusing to talk to anyone, the pilot continuing to allow the plane to move from the taxiway, even if (we assume, for the woman’s safety) the flight attendants has contacted the cockpit and told them there was a PAX who wasn’t seated with their seat belt buckled.

But in this case, just from the “petty revenge” POV, I’d like to think it actually did happen…even though I have my doubts ;-).

What do you think? True story or someone trying to get attention (and then perhaps deleting their Reddit ID when they’ve gotten too much negative karma)?

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