New PreCheck & CLEAR Bundle Can Save You Almost $70

by SharonKurheg

I guess CLEAR hasn’t jumped the shark at airports just yet. They are hustlin’. And if you thought the TSA and CLEAR were buddying up before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The two have now joined up with a promotion that can save you nearly $70.

“Clear is pleased to offer a seamless way to apply for TSA PreCheck,” the TSA shared about the promotion on its website. “Simply walk up to any participating Clear enrollment location next time you fly and enroll in minutes — no appointment, no hassle. Now, bundle TSA PreCheck® and Clear Plus for the fastest way to your gate at the best value.”

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Both CLEAR Plus and PreCheck are, of course, expedited programs that help you get to your gate faster. TSA PreCheck can currently be found at over 200 airports across the country, while CLEAR is in a bit more than 50. Having one or the other can save you time, but having both PreCheck and CLEAR is oftentimes the fastest way to get through the security queue.

And if you’ve been on the fence about joining, here’s how you can save up to almost $70:

TSAPreCheck (new) + CLEAR Plus (new)

a screenshot of a cellphoneIf you don’t have TSA PreCheck or CLEAR Plus, you can now apply for both at the same time, on this page of TSA’s website. You’ll need to fill out the online form and pay $199.95. You can expect to receive a post-vetting approval notification in about 3-5 days (although they warn it can take upwards of 60 days). Once you’re in, you’ll have 5 years of TSA PreCheck membership (which cost you $78) and your first year of CLEAR Plus (which was $122).

If you applied for each separately, the unbundled rate would be $266.95 – so you save $67.

TSA PreCheck (renewal) + CLEAR Plus (new)

a screenshot of a couponIf you already have TSA PreCheck and it’s time to renew, but want to get CLEAR with it, you can also bundle it for a total cost of $190.95 (that’s $68.95 for 5-year online renewal of TSA PreCheck and $122.00 for your first year of CLEAR Plus).

Renew TSA PreCheck through CLEAR Plus

a screenshot of a websiteIf you already have CLEAR membership, you can enroll in or renew your TSA PreCheck by going to a CLEAR lane with your ID (U.S. driver’s license or passport) and letting the agent know you’d like to renew TSA PreCheck. You don’t have to have an appointment, and the process shouldn’t take very long, no more than a couple of minutes. Going that route will cost $77.95, which is the typical PreCheck price.

But if you have the time, CLEAR members with TSA PreCheck can renew their PreCheck online, at the same TSA website, and then the PreCheck fee will be reduced to $68.95 for Clear members – a $9 savings.

This offer is only good for the first year of CLEAR. After the first year of CLEAR Plus, your subscription will automatically renew at the standard rate of $189.

Other discounts

There are, of course, other ways to get a discount on one or both TSA PreCheck and CLEAR:

  • Having Global Entry also gives you TSA PreCheck for free
  • Certain credit cards will pay for Global Entry
  • Certain credit cards will pay for TSA PreCheck
  • Certain credit cards will give you a discount on CLEAR
  • Certain status levels of some airlines’ loyalty will give you a discount on CLEAR

All that being said, not everyone has Global Entry, specific credit cards or airline status. For those people, it could be a way to save close to $70 on their first year CLEAR, and enjoy TSA PreCheck at the same time.

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