Yes, People Have Really Requested These Bizarre Things Of Hotels

by SharonKurheg

When you check in to a motel or hotel, most desk clerks make an effort to say something to the effect of, “If there’s anything we can do to make your visit better, let us know.” Some places don’t mean it, of course (“Hi! Do you have 100% goose down pillows here at Motel 6? You don’t? Oh, OK.”) and sometimes the requests are easy, like getting an extra set of towels. And then there are these people who sometimes ask for a little something more…some do it for fun, some are dead serious. All are really funny! Here are some examples…

  • A guest staying at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego, California, wanted to surprise a friend with a vacation. To give a clue about their travels, he negotiated with the hotel staff to bring a llama, since they were going to Peru. Amazingly, the hotel was able to fulfill the request, and once the big reveal was done, the borrowed llama was then brought back home.
  • I don’t know why this guest would want her bed made backwards, but that’s what he asked for:


  • Someone staying at the Hotel Indigo in Asheville, North Carolina requested that a unicorn be in his room. The concierge thought outside the box and purchased a cuddly unicorn toy instead. Explaining that unicorns had ‘migrated’ for the season, the toy was left with an apology for not being able to deliver the real thing.
  • I guess this guest wanted to relive his childhood:

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 5.14.35 PM

  • While completing the online reservation for the Woodlands Resort in Houston, Texas, Dustin Wray, in an attempt to be funny, requested, ‘Three red M&Ms on the counter. Not packages, just three single M&Ms. One for me, one for my girlfriend, and one to split if we get hungry late at night. And a picture of bacon set on the bed. I love pictures of bacon.’ Sure enough, the hotel came through, and the M&Ms and bacon pictures were waiting for them upon their arrival.
  • This guest must have had aspirations to be a paleontologist. Either that or she watched Jurassic Park a whole lot:Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 11.06.44 PM.png
  • A guest at the Edinburgh Central Travelodge, asked the hotel manager if he could borrow his suit for the morning because he had a job interview and had left his suit at home.
  • Pity the hotel staff didn’t have any artists on staff for this request:

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 5.27.16 PM

  • In 2015, the Director of Communications for the Seaport Hotel in Boston MA, shared one of the strangest requests her hotel had ever received: “The most memorable request for us is the guest who asked for 20 pounds of ice for his penguins. The penguins visited a year or two ago as part of one of the exhibits at the Boston Globe Travel Show. They stayed in the bathtub when they weren’t on display at the show, which was held onsite in the Seaport World Trade Center. Twenty pounds of ice actually isn’t too much, and we have multiple ice machines at Seaport, so we filled up four bags for them. We hope the ice helped to keep them comfortable during their stay!”
  • I guess this guest was a dog-and-sea lover:


  • As per the E-Commerce Executive of the May Fair Hotel in London, England, “One guest asked us for a selection of ‘toys’ from Agent Provocateur [a U.K.-based adult clothing and novelty shop]. We got to choose.”
  • Alfonso Ribero and Jeremy Jackson? Her wish was their command:


  • The message sent to the General Manager at the Days Inn Chicago: ““My baby Billy, who is a cute snorkeling piglet, is my most treasured pet that I cannot go anywhere without. … Billy just has a little problem: every hour he likes to go outside and play with his soccer ball that he pushes around with his little snout. I tend to keep to his every hour playtime schedule because if not he’ll throw a fit and oink all night. … We want to ask if we’d be able to reserve a room near an exit door with two beds? I did forget to mention that Billy sleeps in his own bed with a fluffy pillow that he loves to lay his small pudgy head upon. By the way, it has been two years [since] Billy has had a runny accident on the bed. I admit that day he had that awful accident was my fault, because I overfed him beans with a chalupa. … I do promise that you will not have to worry about another accident because that is the last time I would ever feed him beans and chalupas.’”
  • This one, from years before the 2016 election, was just…weird. But it made me giggle:


  • And last but certainly not least, there’s this guest request for a picture of Lionel Richie, and the conversation it produced, that Hilton loved so much, they started using it in their promotional materials.

So the next time the desk staff if there’s anything they can do to make your stay better, think for a minute and see if there is ;-).

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