The Android Alternative to AirTags You’ve Been Waiting For

by joeheg

In April 2021, Apple introduced the AirTag, a revolutionary device designed to enable people to keep track of their belongings in a private and secure manner. Interestingly, the launch of the AirTag coincided with the gradual recovery of the travel industry, which turned out to be a great opportunity for Apple. As you may recall, traveling by air in 2021 and 2022 was fraught with issues, including frequent flight cancellations and delays, as well as instances of lost and misplaced luggage. However, by placing an AirTag inside their bags, travelers could easily monitor the whereabouts of their luggage, from making sure it’s on the plane or helping an airline find it if it got lost.

While this was great for Apple users, everyone with an Android device was asking, “What about us?”

Current Android Alternatives

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Until now, the main option for Android users was to go with Tile. These Bluetooth tracking devices work with the Tile app which is available for Android and iOS. I’ve never used one but reviews I’ve seen haven’t been great. Here’s a comment to our post about AirTags, which sums up what most people think about tile.

Is there any way for non apple people to use Airtags effectively? We’re android people and the Tile trackers just never worked great for us

CNN Underscored points out that while both Tile and AirTags use Bluetooth, the Tile depends on users who have Tile devices. This is a much smaller network compared to the number of Apple devices used to track AirTags.

Google’s Find My Device

a man and a woman walking up stairsIn April 2024, Google launched Find My Device for Android devices worldwide. This development was met with enthusiasm by Android users who had been longing for a way to track their devices similar to Apple’s “Find My” function. Although Google didn’t create a Bluetooth tracking device akin to AirTag, several companies are planning to release products that could be used with Android devices.

Starting in May, you’ll be able to locate everyday items like your keys, wallet or luggage with Bluetooth tracker tags from Chipolo and Pebblebee in the Find My Device app. These tags, built specifically for the Find My Device network, will be compatible with unknown tracker alerts across Android and iOS to help protect you from unwanted tracking. Keep an eye out later this year for additional Bluetooth tags from eufy, Jio, Motorola and more.

There is a large demand for these items as Chipolo has already sold out of the first batch of its trackers due in May and current orders won’t ship until June.

What About Tile?

Have you noticed that many electronics companies have announced their plans to make Bluetooth devices for Android’s Find My Device, except for Tile? Tile was a major player in the Android space, and their devices worked with the Tile network. Although they were mentioned during the reveal of Find My Device over a year ago, the company has stated that they will not be releasing products for the new system.

Final Thought

Android users have been eagerly anticipating this update. However, they will have to wait an additional month or two before being able to purchase a Bluetooth tracking device unless they had preordered from Chipolo or Pebblebee. With access to a vast number of Android devices worldwide, Find My Device finally provides non-Apple users with an accurate way to track their belongings.

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