British Airways Hikes Drink & Snack Prices…Mid-Flight!

by SharonKurheg

It’s a given that airlines, like every other industry, will increase their prices at one point or another. A flight that costs $285 one day will cost $305 the next. Or you turn around and suddenly almost everyone’s charging more to check bags.

Again, you expect this to happen. What you don’t expect is for prices of food and beverages on the plane to increase WHILE YOU’RE ACTIVELY IN FLIGHT! But that’s exactly what happened to some unfortunate passengers on a recent flight on British Airways.

Over the P.A. system

The plane was headed from Athens to Heathrow in late March, when one of the flight attendants got on the public address system and announced that passengers were to ignore the prices published on the in-seat menu cards, because they had increased that day. But don’t worry – even though the menus hadn’t been updated yet, the card payment readers had.

Can you BELIEVE that?

Comments, as quoted in The Sun, were what you’d expect them to be:

We were all shocked. Why did they suddenly put the prices up without warning anyone? They’ve sneakily introduced this without making an official announcement. It just feels like they want to rip us off.

A 10 percent increase

The price increases were generally around 10% of what was on the printed menu. They covered sandwiches by celebrity chef Tom Kerridge, breakfast bacon rolls and cream tea with scones. Drinks such as beer, spirits, soft drinks, tea and coffee were also affected by the sudden price increase.

a man in a apron standing in front of a jet engine

Tom Kerridge // PC: British Airways

British Airways began a partnership with Michelin-starred Chef Tom Kerridge in 2021.

B.A. said later that day that they had made some very small alterations to the prices of snacks and drinks on their short-haul flights.

“These were scheduled changes and all on-board menus are in the process of being updated,” they continued.

You’d think they’d wait until they got the new cards in, at least?

Crazy stuff!

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