“Don’t You Know Who I Am?” She Shouldn’t Have Asked That On The Plane

by SharonKurheg

I have this friend on Facebook – his name is Mark. And Mark recently posted a story about what happened to him on a plane not all that long ago. It was so funny that I just had to ask permission to repost it here. Fortunately, he said yes! 🙂

“A true story: on a short flight from San Antonio to Dallas, I was in the last row, middle seat. I am a bigger guy with broad shoulders, and I am the smallest of the three men in that row. So you can imagine how little space each of us had, least of all me.

“I was reading a hardcover book, and the lady in front of me, who was maybe, at most, 5 feet tall, SLAMMED her seat all the way back. With that, my book became wedged between the seat and my (ahem) “lap”…OUCH!

“Now, the odd thing was, she wasn’t even reclined in her seat; she was sitting straight up, working on her laptop on the tray. So I didn’t feel bad at all about pushing the seat so I could get my book out. Anyway, the woman started screaming, literally screaming at me, that I am touching her seat. I calmly explained what I was doing and she said she was going to call the stewardess and complain about me. I said, ‘Please do.’ 🙂

“She turned back in a huff and started working again, so I put my book above the seat so I could continue to read. She whipped around and said, ‘You are touching my seat again!’ and with the amount of fury usually reserved for telling a stranger on the internet the 16 different ways that (s)he is wrong, she hit the call button.

“The flight attendant came and asked the woman what she needed. She said, with more than a little side eye, ‘The man behind me is bothering me!’ So I explained exactly what happened, and what I was doing. In response, the flight attendant made the woman put her seat back in the upright position, and left.

“The lady turned to glare at me and asked, ‘Do you know who I am?’ I looked her straight in the eye and said, ‘Sure! You’re the rude woman in front of me.’

“The two gentlemen in my row burst out laughing. She (who was a nobody, BTW) was not amused.

“P.S. I used a word that was a little stronger than ‘rude woman’ LOL!

“The rest of the story: I switched airlines in Dallas and wound up telling the ticket agent this story. She bumped me up to first-class from Dallas to Minneapolis and said, ‘Next time, Mr. A., fly with us and we’ll take care of you.'”


*** A HUGE thank-you to Mark A. for allowing us to tell his story!

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dee May 20, 2024 - 7:54 pm

People are so in their little world and soooo touchy…In calif you would be in trouble and she would call the new -HATE Tattle Hot line…(833)-8-NO HAte!!! at a acost of only $$$110 million..You only need to ???perceive a hate to call no actual event has to take place…


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