I’ve Never Seen A Cruise Ship With A “Prohibited Items” List Like THIS!

by SharonKurheg

When you go on a cruise and have done your homework beforehand, you know the cruise line will have a list a mile long with things you aren’t allowed to bring on the ship. Most cruise lines have similar items in their respective lists, because, in the interest of safety, no cruise wants you to bring firearms, open flames, anything with a heating element, sharp stuff, dangerous chemicals, non-medication drugs, etc.

Here are some popular cruise lines’ lists:

If you’re smart, you’ll make sure you don’t bring anything on the Prohibited Items list of your cruise line. If you do, you may wind up with your luggage delayed by a few hours before it’s brought to your cabin, with a note that looks like this attached to the bag:

a piece of paper with text on itOr so I’ve heard…

OK, OK, it was me. It wasn’t anything nefarious – it was just an extension cord that I always keep in the “bag o’electronics” I always bring on vacation. You know, the bag with the chargers for my phone, watch and computer, my mouse, extra batteries for said mouse and, yes, an 8-foot extension cord. I didn’t even think about it; it’s so natural for it to be in there.

It wasn’t a huge deal; they included a receipt for the extension cord, and I did get my property back at disembarkation. However, it made my disembarkation take about 10 extra minutes because I had to stand in line with the other people who had to claim their respective items. And y’all, the piles of portable irons, steamers and fake handcuffs (I didn’t even want to know…) were incredible.

So yeah. Cruise lines have lists of things they don’t want you to bring on their ships. I get it.

However I just read about a new cruise ship coming down the pike that has some things I have never, ever seen on a prohibited item list.

Aroya Cruises

a large cruise ship in the water

PC: Aroya.com

Aroya Cruises is currently scheduled to set sail in late 2024. Owned by the state of Saudi Arabia, she will sail from her home port in the Red Sea, Jeddah, to the Jordanian city of Aqaba. She’ll then visit two ports in Egypt – Sharm el Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula, and Ain Sokhna, south of Suez, before returning to Jeddah.

From aroya.com:

a screenshot of a hotel
Because the cruise line is owned by a deeply religious Muslim country, the rules of the ship, along with the list of items you can’t bring onto the boat, are very restrictive.

Alcohol-Free Ship

a sign with a red circle and a red circle with a drawing of bottles and cansDrinking alcohol is considered haram, or forbidden, in Islam. With that, there is no alcohol allowed on the ship; it’s not sold anywhere on the ship and, not surprisingly, you can’t bring it with you on board, either.

Aroya is said to be the first cruise line where alcohol consumption is prohibited.

Prohibited Items

It’s not just the lack of alcohol, though. There are several items on their Prohibited Items list that I’ve never seen on ANY other cruise line. Things such as:

  • Scissors (most cruise lines let you bring blunt scissors, or ones with blades less than X number of inches long)
  • CDs (I’m still not sure about that one. They’re including it under “Any additional items that may impact safety procedures, cause panic, or disrupt public decency.” I’m guessing they don’t want anyone playing things with profanity or suggestive lyrics, but couldn’t that still be played on a phone? But wait…)
  • Devices that contain non-removable batteries (ummm…could cell phones be included in that?)
  • Magazines that violate public decency (because, again, the rules of Islam forbid nudie magazines)
  • Any substances that may affect mental health or similar items
  • Tools and chains resembling military clothing (it’s against the law for non-military personnel to wear camouflage).

Just like other “niche” entities such as Kosher restaurants and Christian schools, Aroya Cruises will fulfill a need. I understand and respect that, even if it’s not a cruise I would personally want to go on. And although their Prohibited Items list makes sense because of the rules surrounding being Muslim, it’s still the most restrictive list I’ve ever seen.

Feature Photo: PC: Aroya.com

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