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My Favorite Thing About AutoSlash Has Nothing To Do With Saving Money

by joeheg

If you’re not using AutoSlash when you rent a car, you should be. Their service has saved me hundreds of dollars on car rentals over the years. AutoSlash works on two levels. First, if you enter in your trip details, they’ll email you a list of the lowest prices they’ve found for your rental taking into account all of the discounts you’re eligible for. The second service they offer is tracking your rental and looking for a lower price. Once you’ve made a reservation, either through them or on your own, you enter the rental details into their website and they’ll email you if they find a lower price for your trip.

The cost of these services? They’re FREE!

But the savings they offer isn’t the best thing about dealing with AutoSlash. It’s their customer service. I wish other companies worked the way they do.

I was following a thread on Twitter about a rental where Priceline and Sixt were shifting blame between each other for canceling a reservation.

I’ve had success when dealing with AutoSlash in the past when I had problems with a reservation. I suggested she contact AutoSlash and tagged their Twitter account. Shortly thereafter, they responded to the problem.

Turns out they were willing to step in and make good on the quote found on their website even if the OTA and company who made the reservation weren’t.

That’s pretty great customer service from a company that doesn’t directly charge customers anything for their services.

This isn’t a one-off situation. I just emailed AutoSlash about an upcoming rental. The quote I received when renting (and is on my confirmation email from Priceline) is different than the rate currently showing on the rental company website. AutoSlash’s tracking emails were also showing an incorrect price for my rental. So I emailed their support desk for help. Within a few hours, I received an answer. Not only did they take the time to read my email, but they also fixed the problem with the incorrect price showing on their emails.

As far as the difference in the prices on Priceline and the car rental company, their reply was so honest that I had no words:

We don’t typically see discrepancies like this, but then again, there are multiple systems involved and the car rental industry isn’t really known for the technical skills, so from that perspective, it isn’t all that surprising. All of that said, a deal is a deal and we’ll of course stand by the originally offered rate.

Is that not the most brutally honest response someone could hope to receive?  I understand it’s not their fault that an OTA and a car rental company’s systems can’t talk to one another. But if they’re going to be in this business, they have to own the problem and that’s exactly what they did.

I feel confident if there’s a problem with my rental, AutoSlash will stand behind the price they offered. And that’s one less thing to worry about.

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