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Sharon and I going to make a quick weekend trip (celebrities, you have been given fair warning!) and are looking for things we should NOT MISS.

It’s been almost TWENTY YEARS (I can’t believe it) since I visited the city of Chicago and 13 years since Sharon did. We have a whole day on Saturday to sightsee and really have no idea what to do. Ed Debevics, Sharon’s favorite Chicago food spot, is closed. The one thing I wanted to do isn’t happening because the Chicago Cubs don’t plan their home game schedule around my trips. How dare they! 😉

Wrigley Field

My one time seeing a Cubs game at Wrigley. This was a while ago but I still have the hat.

The one thing that we are going to do (or at least try to do) during our trip is TILT Chicago. This is normally something I’d say, “Nope, nuh-huh, no way” to doing but I’m trying to face some of my fears and this seems to be one I can accomplish. Besides, Sharon (edit by Sharon: “Sharon The Risk Taker Who Is Not Afraid of Heights,” thank-you very much) is totally all about doing this ever since I showed her a video on Facebook (a move that I’ve regretted ever since):

We’re also looking for places to eat. Sharon wants to try some Chicago style pizza but what else is the city known for? Is it worth going to Portillo’s for a hot dog?

I found a website that shows the 106 Cool and Unusual things to do in Chicago but we only have one day. Right now the International Museum of Surgical Science is towards the top of our list (and I’m sure those of you who know us well will not be the least bit surprised by this).

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 9.37.07 PM

Help us out or we’re going to learn about this history of surgery, really we will.

What else are we missing out on? We’re going to Chicago and we need your help! Give us your suggestions in the comments or drop us a note on Facebook or Twitter.

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