Quick Thoughts About Our First Flight With Frontier Airlines

by joeheg

Flying on a low cost airline isn’t our first choice. I’m not a big fan of their pricing structure and I’ve heard too many horror stories about people having problems. Let me say I booked this flight for us with our eyes wide open. It was the perfect flight times for our trip with a non stop that would give us an additional day at our location and save us from twenty of hours of driving. I planned for contingencies (What if the flight there gets cancelled or what if we get stuck at our destination?) I booked our tickets with the Citi Prestige card since it has the best trip insurance of any card out there and crossed my fingers. 

We arrived in plenty of time for our flight. It”s spring break so Orlando’s airport is nuts and even at 6:30 AM the line for TSA checkpoint was almost 45 minutes. Fortunately, Frontier participates with TSA Pre-Check and we were through in less than 10 minutes.

Frontier has a fun history of giving all of its planes animal names and they paint the tail of the airplane to match. Our flight today was going to be with Shelly The Sea Turtle.


Shelly is a brand new A320 plane for Frontier and was put into service in October 2017. The plane looked new, as the none of the seats were worn. The interior was the newer Airbus styling but very basic – Frontier is a no frills airline.

Photo Mar 15, 7 33 05 AM

The seats were very thin and narrow with not much padding. I knew this coming in and I find a small travel pillow places at the bottom of my back alleviates any of the back pain I used to experience when sitting in seats like this on other airlines. This was only scheduled to be a 90 minute flight so I figured it would be OK.

Photo Mar 15, 7 34 14 AM

There isn’t much legroom in the regular seats. The seats don’t recline so there’s no worry about being crunched by the person in front of you.

Photo Mar 15, 7 34 28 AM

The saddest thing of all is the drink table. It’s just large enough for a cup or your phone.

Photo Mar 15, 7 34 22 AM

Forget about using a laptop on this stand. Not that there’s not room to work anyway but if you want to, your laptop will have to literally be on your lap. Also note there’s no power outlets or WFfi on any of Frontier’s planes.

They made announcements before the drink and snack service alerting you that all of the items were FOR PURCHASE and if you want one you CAN PURCHASE them with a credit card.

We also had to listen to a pitch for the Frontier Credit Card but get the same if flying on Delta, American, Alaska or Southwest.

I was totally happy with the onboard experience of this flight. It wasn’t fancy or special but the plane was new and boarding was much more organized than the chaos you’ll often see with other airlines.

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