Renting Strollers When You’re Visiting Walt Disney World (Updated September, 2019)

by SharonKurheg

If you’re going to Walt Disney World (WDW) and a younger member of your party is going to need a stroller, there are lots of options that range from renting one from WDW to renting from an outside source and maybe even buying one. Here’s a breakdown of all the options:

Some people with younger kids would rather not bring their own stroller, and others may have kids who generally don’t use a stroller anymore but might need it for a trip to WDW, where long days, possibly in the heat, might be the norm (anyone who has carried a tired and cranky 8y/o back to the room at 10pm knows exactly what I’m talking about).


A. Obtain an umbrella stroller for the trip
Many people will buy (or borrow) a cheap umbrella stroller specifically for the WDW trip, either before they depart for Orlando, or at Target/Walmart/MacroBaby after they arrive (I’ve never actually been inside a MacroBaby but I love the name of it. I have visions of some HUGE baby in the building, with a deep voice in an echo chamber saying MACROBABYYYYY!).

— Have the stroller with you at all times during the vacation.
— Price over the course of the vacation.
— Have a stroller to sell, give away, donate, or “hold ’til next time” (or give back to whoever you borrowed it from, LOL!) at the end of the trip.

— Getting to Target/Walmart/”Macrobabyyyyy” if you’re not renting a car = price of taxi/Uber/bus.
— If the child is too big for a cheap umbrella stroller, you might have to invest in a more expensive stroller.

B. Rent a stroller from Walt Disney World
Strollers.jpgStrollers are available to rent throughout the Walt Disney World theme parks and Disney Springs (a $100 USD credit card deposit is required for strollers rented at Disney Springs). A single stroller is recommended for children 50 pounds or less, and costs $15 per day, while a double stroller is recommended for children 100 pounds or less, and costs $31 per day. You can also rent your stroller on a Length of Stay basis by pre-paying the number of days that you will require the stroller and you’ll pay less per day ($13 for a single, $27 for a double). Then, upon visiting a theme park or Disney Springs, simply show your receipt at the rental location to receive your stroller for the day (payment, both daily and Length of Stay is based on a per day aspect, not per park. So if you are park hopping, you’ll need to return your stroller before you leave one park and, upon showing your receipt, get another stroller from the next park).

— WDW strollers are sturdy molded plastic and include shade barriers.
— If something happens to your stroller (i.e. a wheel falls off), Disney will be able to quickly replace it.
— WDW double strollers can handle the weight of an older/heavier child.

— Cost per day, even on a length of stay basis, could be higher than purchasing your own stroller or renting it from an outside source, especially on multi-day visits.
— Strollers cannot leave the park (so sleepy/cranky child will need to walk/be carried outside the park)

C. Rent a stroller from an outside source
Several private companies in the local area offer stroller rentals. These three are the “Disney Featured Stroller Providers,” which means Disney carried out a thorough investigation, interview and inspection process, after which The Walt Disney Company determined these companies could provide rental strollers that would “maintain high guest satisfaction consistent with the Disney Standard” and could provide a “safe, first class and timely rental service for the benefit and convenience for guests staying in Walt Disney World resort.” These 3 companies include:

Kingdom Strollers: (407) 271-5301
— Will drop off and pick up from your hotel.
— Offer a variety of 7 styles (single and double options) of regular strollers, plus a special needs stroller

Magic Strollers: (866) 866-6177
— Will drop off and pick up from your hotel.
— Offers a variety of 8 styles (single and double options) of strollers

Orlando Stroller Rentals: (800) 281-0884
— Will drop off and pick up from your hotel.
— Offer a variety of 10 styles (single and double options) of strollers

— Strollers can be dropped off and picked up from your hotel
— They can go with you everywhere throughout your vacation (until you check out of your hotel).
— These strollers might be more comfortable than molded plastic or umbrella strollers.
— Double strollers can handle the weight of an older/heavier child.
— 1 of the outside vendors offers a special needs strollers (adaptations for same are not mentioned on their website).

— Cost per day, even with multi-day discount prices, could be higher than purchasing your own, especially on multi-day visits.
— Unless you purchase their insurance, you may be responsible for costs of a broken or very dirty stroller beyond “normal wear and tear” (check with each company for specifics).

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