Earn A Free Rental With National Car Rental’s “One Two Free” Promotion

by joeheg

National Car Rental’s “One Two Free” promotion is back for 2018. I wrote about this promotion last year and many of the basics haven’t changed much since then. In short, for each rental from National, you’ll earn 300 points. When you earn 600 points, you get  a voucher for a free rental day. Pretty sweet. The promotion runs from August 23, 2018 to Feb 28, 2019. There are also a bunch of other ways to earn points besides renting a car but to find out what those are, you’ll need to register.

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National Car Rental’s Emerald Club members should have received an email with a registration link but if you didn’t or if you’re not a member yet (and if so, why not? It’s easy. Just follow the instructions in this article). You can sign up at this link HERE.

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After registering, you’ll be taken to your “dashboard.” It’ll show your progress to earning a free certificate as well as the other activities that can earn you points. Here are opportunities I have in order to earn extra points:

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As I said last year, this program really benefits frequent renters who only need a car for a few days. You get no more points for a 7 day rental than a one day rental. Infrequent, leisure renters don’t get as much value from an offer like this. Even if you rent twice National in the six month promo period (which is a really generous amount of time), the free night coupons earned expire on June 13, 2019.

Also, if you lock yourself into National for a rental because of this promotion, you won’t be able to check and see if there’s cheaper car rentals available from a different company. Would you rather pay less now or earn a coupon which will give you a free rental day (that’s not totally free) in the future? In addition, to earn credits in the “One Two Free” promotion you need to choose to earn National rental credits instead of airline miles for the rental. I worked through some of the math of whether that’s a good deal or not in this article.

I signed up for the “One Two Free” offer because, well, why not? It doesn’t hurt to sign up. Will I rent from National during this timeframe? I don’t know. Will I rent a car at all in the next six months? I have no current plans to do so. But if I do need to rent a car and if National has a competitive price, I’ll keep in mind that I could be able to earn a free rental day out of the deal.

You can find the Terms and Conditions for the “One Two Free” promotion on the National Car Rental website.

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