Visiting Orlando & Have A Dental Emergency? There’s A Mobile Dentist That Can Come To You!

by SharonKurheg

When you’re visiting Central Florida from out of town, the last thing you want to deal with is a dental emergency. Whether it’s a filling that fell out, an abcessed tooth, issues with a crown, bridge, veneer or space maintainer, or just about anything else, the pain and inconvenience could really put a damper on your visit.

But did you know there’s a mobile dentist in the Orlando area who can come to you to help you with your dental problem? Neither did I! (and I live here!) Unfortunately, a friend of ours, Cathy, got to learn all about this mobile dental office first hand, when she would up with a very painful dental emergency.


Background information:

Mobile Dental ER was founded in New Jersey in 1999 as a brick and mortar general dental practice but a desire for change brought Dr. Melillo and her assistant Daryl (Melillo) to Florida in 2014. That’s when the team started their unique concept of a mobile dental office and they are Orlando’s first and only mobile dental service that can be summoned right to your home, place or work or hotel.

What can they do if you have a dental emergency?

Mobile Dental ER is usually no more than about 30 minutes away if they’re on the road and in their service area, and they can work on:

✓Emergency tooth extraction
✓Emergency fillings (white only, we do not use silver mercury)
✓ Re-cement a crown, bridge, veneer, or space maintainer
✓ Emergency pulpectomy to relieve pain
✓ Emergency treatment of dental trauma
✓ Emergency denture repair
✓ Emergency denture fabrication
✓ On site X-rays and exam
✓ Replace a lost crown or veneer
✓ Orthodontic emergencies
✓ Emergency fabrication of night guards
✓ Administer proper prescriptions for dental infections

What areas will they travel to?

Mobile Dental ER is able to see patients in, among other places highlighted on the map below,  Kissimmee, 192, International Drive area, Davenport, Clermont, Celebration, Champions Gate, Windermere, and most theme parks areas including, but not limited to Disney, Universal, SeaWorld and Gatorland.


What kind of payment do they accept?

They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as payment.

Do they accept dental insurance?

Unfortunately, if they accepted insurance, it would increase their overhead, which, in turn, would mean higher fees for their patients. Their goal is to keep their fees as low as possible, so they don’t take private insurance at this time.  However, if you have private dental insurance, they can provide you with a coded ADA insurance form so you may be reimbursed directly from your insurance company.

Here’s what my friend Cathy had to say about her experience with Mobile Dental ER:

“When traveling, one of the last things you want is dental pain. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to me, but I quickly discovered there is a service here in Orlando that COMES TO YOU at your hotel or one of the parks or whatever. Dr. Misty Melillo of Mobile Dental ER did just that and she and her assistant Daryl made the whole process so easy!

“I was in a lot of pain, so after learning about, making an appointment with and seeing Dr. Melillo, she determined I was having trouble with a crown with an infection. Thanks to her, I’m now on antibiotics for it and it’s feeling better every day. I was lucky in that I didn’t need an actual procedure done, but Dr. Melillo does do most commonplace emergency procedures [Note from Sharon: that I listed above]  in her fully stocked mobile dental office, although she did tell me that she will refer most root canals to someone else.

For appointments, they answer their phone/texts from 7 am til 10 pm. (I understand she will come out in the middle of the night for an emergency, but I believe there is an extra fee to do that. My appointment was during normal hours, so I don’t have the extra fee.) To set up an appointment, she says the fastest way to reach her is by text message and I can confirm they send their response with a very fast turn around time. She can give you an appointment time on the same day for “emergencies.”

“To set up an appointment, Dr. Melillo requires $49.00, via credit card, before they come out, but that will be applied to your fee for the appointment. She has a form for you to fill out and send back by email before coming out. It’s the usual “dental office” type form asking for health info, medications you’re on, allergies, etc.

“The fee for the service call, exam, and x-rays is $295. According to her web site, visits vary from $295 to $549, depending on what needs to be done. My visit was $249 and Daryl gave me a form for me to submit to my dental insurance company.

“Dr. Melillo and Daryl were very efficient and both are very personable and professional. Since my husband and I travel quite a bit, I only wish that other locations had a service this convenient.”

Are there any other reviews I can read?

There sure are –  click here!

How can I contact Mobile Dental ER?

Their website is
They’re available via phone or text at (407) 955-0743 to book an appointment
** A HUGE thank-you to Cathy K. for allowing us to use her story!

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