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Visiting Central FL? How To Leave Your Stuff, Instead Of Lugging It Back & Forth Every Trip

by SharonKurheg

Walt Disney World is a place where some people go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, whereas others visit once every few years. You might go on an annual trip and other people could potentially visit multiple times a year. Depending on the length of the trip, where you’re staying or what you want to bring with you, the more often you go, the more stuff you might wish you could just leave in Orlando, instead of bringing it back and forth. I’m talking holiday decorations for your room, bug spray and suntan lotion, the leftovers from that case of bottled water you ordered from Amazon Now, storable liquids like shampoo, a crock pot so you can make your own dinner here and there. Maybe even larger stuff, like your golf clubs.

Welp, it turns out there’s a locker storage rental place just a hop, a skip and a jump from WDW that allows you to store stuff all year long for a pretty reasonable rate. We learned more about it…

Owner’s Locker is no fly-by-night place – it’s a climate controlled storage facility in Orlando that’s been storing stuff for peoples’ visits to Central Florida for almost 12 years now. And not only will they store your stuff in a sturdy, airtight container in a climate controlled warehouse, but they’ll deliver your stuff right to where you’re staying, and pick it up when you’re ready to go back home.

Each locker measures 13″ high 22″ wide x 20″ deep


Although you wouldn’t think 13x22x20 is huge, the lockers can apparently hold a whole lot of stuff:


Above photos via Owner’s Locker

And they give you dividers and organizer trays to help keep your stuff more organized, too.

How does it work?

You start with a $75 Membership Fee – that’s a one-time-only kind of fee, which allows you to get a locker and it also includes your first delivery/pickup (which they call a Visit). They also charge an annual fee, and that can vary depending on how often you plan to have your stuff delivered and picked up in a year:

  • The Value Plan costs $85.00 per year and includes storage in their climate controlled warehouse. Each round trip Visit costs $27.50.
  • The Moderate Plan costs $105.00 per year and includes storage and one free Visit per year. Additional Visits are $27.50 each.
  • The Deluxe Plan costs $190.00 per year and includes storage in their climate controlled warehouse and unlimited visits per year.
  • Want more than one locker? You just choose an annual storage/delivery plan for it (no extra Membership Fee required). The Value Plan costs $85.00 per year and includes storage and one free round trip Visit per year. Extra Visits for additional Lockers are $13.75 each when delivered with your first Locker. The Deluxe Plan cost for an additional Locker is $150.00 per year and includes storage and unlimited Visits per year. Your additional Locker will have the same Anniversary Date as your first Locker. So, if you purchase an additional Locker 6 months into your use year you’ll only pay for 6 months of storage for the additional Locker for the first year (so it’s pro-rated). After that you’ll get a regular bill for
  • Want to store your golf clubs? They offer two plans. The $99 standard plan includes storage for a year and one free round trip Visit per year. The $179 premium plan includes unlimited round trip Visits.

Owner’s Lockers has an online dashboard where you can manage your account info, schedule all of your visits (they deliver to and pick up a couple of hundred places in Orlando), create an online inventory of the stuff in your Locker and track every movement of your Locker from their warehouse to your resort (and back!).

By the time Joe and I moved to Florida, we were already visiting 6 times per year. Had Owner’s Locker been around then, you can BET we would’ave been using it!

If you want more information or to sign up, check out Owner’s Locker’s webpage.

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