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How To Organize And/Or Keep Track Of Your Chargers, Wires & Plugs While Traveling

by SharonKurheg

The electronic age is amazing. I mean, go back just a couple of decades and who woulda thunk that you could have your phone, camera, alarm clock, photo album, books, A/V entertainment, money, calculator, maps, GPS, plane/hotel/restaurant reservations and whatever else, all in the same place? Or that you could bring your computer with you anywhere because it’s not like the ones in the 1960s when you needed a piece of equipment that filled up a whole room just to do simple math equations?

The only thing about having all these electronics is that you need to make sure you have an energy source for them (you don’t have to plug in a book, right?). And the only thing about THAT is making sure that you bring all of your wires and chargers and stuff with you when you go from place to place. Sometimes they’re hard to keep track of, as evidenced by the huge drawer of iPhone, Kindle etc. wires they can “loan” you if you can’t find yours – when they just are everything that other hotel guests have left behind.

So how can you keep track of everything? There are a couple of ways:

Buy an organizer

“A place for everything and everything in its place.” There are plenty of organizers out there that are made to hold a phone, tablet and computer wires, as well as earbuds, extra plugs, etc. Just do a search for TRAVEL WIRE ORGANIZER on Amazon or wherever you would normally buy stuff like that.

Besides keeping everything neat and tidy, they allow you to see what spots are empty so you know you’re still missing “that” wire or plug.

The organizer in your (or someone else’s) head

Sometimes you just need a system and if you’re the organized type (or even if you’re not), you can make sure you have everything just by going through a list.

Yep, a list. Be it in your head or written down, keep tabs of everything. i.e.:

  • COMPUTER – brick/wire
  • PHONE – USB wire, USB plug
  • Tablet – USB wire, USB plug
  • Battery bank – USB wire, USB plug
  • Waterproof camera – brick/wire

Assuming you want to charge all of these at the same time and don’t want to charge them via your computer, that’d be 2 bricks with connecting wires, 3 USB wires and 3 USB plugs to connect them all. Keep them all in the same place – a bag, an organizer, whatever – and, if need be, write down what you need to have with you before you leave the hotel. Then, before you leave your room to check out, make sure that everything is accounted for.

Easy as pie. And it leaves you one step ahead of the people who leave their USB plug behind the dresser.

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