The World Naked Bike Ride Is Not Canceled This Year!

by SharonKurheg

The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) has been getting the attention of bikers and voyeurs since 2004. It’s an international clothing-optional event where participants plan, meet and ride together on human-powered transport (usually bikes, but also some skateboards, inline skates, rickshaws, etc.) to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists and decry society’s dependence on pollution-based transportation.

The event started small; the first event took place in 28 cities, in 10 countries on 4 continents and it’s since grown to upwards of 70 cities in 20 countries!

The WNBR in the northern hemisphere (rides in the southern hemisphere happen earlier in the year so it’s warmer down there) was scheduled for June 27th and there were lots of questions if it would happen this year.

Decisions have been made and the answer is, “yes and no.”

Some cities such as St. Louis, London and San Francisco, have canceled the event outright. Other cities just haven’t mentioned the event at all this year, waiting to hear from the organizers, who are based on Portland, OR. Welp, the organizers of the event have decided to make this year a “ride as you like” event. From their blog:

This year there will be no start location or start time due to Covid-19. Instead, riders are encouraged to celebrate World Naked Bike Ride DAY — riding wherever they’d like whenever they’d like on June 27th.

So as long as you ride on June 27th in some varying state of undress, you’re a part of the newly/temporarily named World Naked Bike Ride Day (as opposed to the World Naked Bike Ride).

Fair enough. And I guess if you’re wearing enough for it to not be considered “indecent exposure,” you’re OK. Frankly, I could see individual people getting into a whole lot more trouble riding down their street naked and alone, than if they’re at a designated meeting place with thousands of other bikers. But who am I to say?

Anyway, happy naked bike riding! Here’s to not getting arrested in 2020, and looking towards something closer to normalcy in 2021!

Feature Photo: WNBR/Facebook

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