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Another Day, Another Naked Person Walking Around An Airport

by SharonKurheg

Back in the day, flying from place to place was a big deal, and people would get dressed up to take part in the modern miracle of flight. Of course, when you were seated in the lap of luxury, even in Coach Class, it made sense that you’d want to look your best (when they reopen, post-Covid, check out the Pan Am Experience and you can re-live [or live, if you’re that young] the joys of what flying was like 50 or 60 years ago).

Flying’s no big deal anymore, so “dressing up” has pretty much gone by the wayside. Wearing sweatpants, T-shirts, hoodies and shorts are the norm for more than a few. You fly for comfort nowadays, not looks. So how shocking is it, really, that a woman at Denver International Airport got a lot of attention mid-late last month, because she simply wasn’t wearing any clothes?

Prolly not a whole lot.

But anyway, yeah, the unnamed female was filmed walking around one of DEN’s departure gates, wearing only her birthday suit.

According to a report from the Denver Police Department, the incident took place during the early morning hours of September 19, a few minutes before 5 am, just outside the terminal’s Gate A-37.

According to reports of the video in question, the woman had no luggage with her, but was holding some sort of thermos or drink holder. She appeared to be happy and calm, and not particularly upset that she wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Some of Denver’s finest tried to keep up with her as she wandered around the concourse. They were holding a blanket and were apparently were trying to cover her up, but she didn’t seem particularly interested in that. At one point, she even skipped away from the cops.

‘Ma’am, ma’am,’ it was said police could be heard saying in the clip.

The woman, on the other hand appeared completely unfazed. She just kept smiling and laughing and doing her thing. She even stopped several times to exchange pleasantries with surprised bystanders.

‘How are you doing? Where are you from?’ she asked fellow flyers.

According to the police report, the airport police wrote they received a “Report of an intoxicated female completely nude.”

As per the report, the officers then, “responded and located the female running around the concourse having some type of medical issue.”

“Paramedics were called code 10 [which indicates an emergency response].” She was then transported to University Hospital, after suffering what the report refers to as “an undetermined medical episode.”

Denver police and airport authorities haven’t released any further information regarding the unidentified woman or why or how she was wandering around the airport.

A minute-long video was shared with a local CBS affiliate, but the station chose to not broadcast it because the police report said the woman may have been having a “medical issue.”

It’s unclear if she faces any criminal charges.

This isn’t the first time DEN has had a naked woman walking around it. A woman stripped naked inside DEN after being told to stop smoking in a non-smoking area. Other airports have had nude people walking around them too (Miami, Detroit, St. Petersburg [Russia], Florence, etc.).

Maybe we should go back to dressing up to fly on a plane, after all? 😉

Feature Photo: Pixnio

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