This Company Makes Socks That Smell Like Vacation Destinations

by SharonKurheg

I bet you’ve never had this conversation:

“Oh, nice! What’s that smell?!?!?”
“Oh it’s nothing…just my socks. Wanna take a whiff?”

Yep, an online company called Stinky Feet has invented the seemingly impossible – stinky socks. But don’t worry – they don’t stink like feet or even toe jam (thank heavens). Instead, they smell like places where you can go on vacation. Specifically the mountains, the beach and the city.

StinkyFamily normally sells regular, ordinary socks usually used when snowboarding and skateboarding. The idea for socks that smelled came about from, understandably, quarantines due to coronavirus.

From their website:

As a global company that inspires the young generation to go outside, meet new people and learn life first-hand, we knew that the lockdown would be a challenge for many. So we decided to make your indoor stay more bearable by literally bringing the world at your feet.

We created a limited edition of Stinky Socks which take you elsewhere by triggering the sense, known to activate the most vivid memories. Living up to our brand’s name, these special pairs were scented so that they take you to Bear Mountain, Venice Beach or Las Vegas, without you even stepping outside.

To choose your next destination, grab a pair of our Stinkiest socks yet — “Third Eye Co.” for a mountain ride, “Venice” for a trip to the beach and “Purple” for hitting the streets of Las Vegas. This limited new line is part of our #stayhomestinky initiative.

They don’t say what each of the scents smells like. I mean, after cigarette smoke and possibly puke, what exactly would Las Vegas smell like? Or the beach scented socks…are they like a “Beach Walk” Yankee candle, or a Glade “Coconut Beach Woods” plugin, or maybe they’re more akin to a “Sunset Beach” air freshener that looks like a little tree and you hang it from your rearview mirror?

They also don’t mention how they make the scent, or if it lasts.

But hey, if you’ve got an extra $15 per pair, you can buy your own socks that smell like Bear Mountain, Las Vegas or Venice Beach. But hurry – they’re limited edition!

Go to for more info.

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