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The Time I Met Dave Chappelle At Disney World

by joeheg

Instead of traveling during the time of this coronacrapola, one of the activities I’ve been undertaking is digitizing all of our old travel pictures. I’ve mainly focused on our slides, finding many classics from my childhood.

We also have albums upon albums of pictures chronicling approximately 20 years of my life. Many of those are pictures are of fireworks, which, except for this year, are usually worthless. However, buried in these pictures was a memory I’d almost totally forgotten.

The day I met Dave Chappelle.

I’d imagine many of you will know Dave from Chappelle’s Show and his Rick James or Prince impersonations or when he was Dylan, the hottest rapper. Maybe you remember him from Half Baked (and if so, here’s a post on flying with weed). It’s also possible you’ve heard about him from his award-winning Netflix specials.

For me, I know of him from way before that. I was a huge fan of Def Comedy Jam on HBO and Dave’s appearance was unforgettable. After that, his career started to gain traction and after a guest stint on Home Improvement, he landed a role on a new ABC sitcom, Buddies.

The show had its problems, well it had many issues, but that didn’t stop Disney from trying to use the Disney-MGM Studios Themepark to build buzz for the show. It was in 1996, during a trip to Florida, that I stumbled onto a media junket for the show while visiting the park.

Seeing a comedian I liked, I worked my way to the front of the pack and yelled out, “Dave, I love your show!” Honestly, I’d never seen it. I just knew he had a new sitcom. He flashed me a smile, which either said he knew I’d never seen the show or that even he knew it was terrible and was going to be canceled any day now.


Back in 1996, I had no idea I was taking a picture (a real picture) of a future winner of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

And even if I had the chance, I wouldn’t have yelled out, “I’m Rick James, B***h!”

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