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This Inexpensive Travel Accessory Solved One Of My Biggest Travel Pet Peeves

by joeheg

One of the first things that Sharon and I look at when getting into a room is the layout of the bedroom. Most importantly, we’re checking out the position of the night tables. When we get a room with a single king or queen bed, there are typically tables on each side. A room with two beds will often just have a table in the middle.

Having only one table almost always means that I’ll have nowhere on my side of the bed to put my phone, glasses or a bottle of water. Having to leave everything on the floor is one of my biggest travel grumps.

Knowing this, Sharon got me this bedside caddy travel accessory as a gift.

The frame slides between the mattress and box spring and gives you a place to put your phone, glasses, tablet and a bottle of whatever beverage you bring to bed.

She purchased this for me over two years ago. Know what has happened since then? Every room we stayed in had two nightstands. Except for the overnight trip when I had no table and forgot to bring the caddy with me.

Until our recent stay at the Airbnb cabin.

The side of the bed with no table or lamp, that’s my side.

Sharon asked me if I brought the “thingy,” and in an overenthusiastic voice I said, “I DID!”

I went into my suitcase and assembled it for the first time, sliding the frame under the mattress.

It worked exactly as planned. There’s plenty of room for a bottle of water, my iPhone (which I have to store upside down while charging) and even a place for my glasses. I could have slid the iPad into the back slot but I wasn’t using it in bed.

It’s been so long since I’ve gotten it that this version isn’t readily available to buy. There is a new version I found on Amazon. Here are some screenshots. I don’t have any relationship with Amazon so buy it however you want, if you’re interested.

For less than $20, it’s worth it not to have to search around on the floor for your water bottle in the middle of the night. It folds up small enough that you can throw it in the pocket of your suitcase and always bring it with you.

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