Hyatt Tried To Pay Me To Relax. It Didn’t Work, But I Still Got The Points!

by joeheg

Brands will try anything to increase “engagement.” Facebook wants you to do more than read your feed. They want you to interact with it by commenting, sharing and liking things. Retail stores will send you personalized offers based on your prior purchases and ask your opinions about the items you’ve bought. Travel companies are the same way. This used to be limited to asking you to give a review of your recent experience (flight, hotel stay or rental car.)

However, now they’re trying to differentiate themselves during the pandemic. Hyatt was branding itself as the “wellness” hotel brand even before the shutdowns, to the point where health club memberships had become a bonus category on the World of Hyatt credit card. Hyatt Hotels also feature wellness as part of the brand.

At Hyatt, we believe wellness is a road, and wellbeing is the destination. This road is filled with personal routines and rituals that contribute to our overall happiness on any given day. Yet this road is not a straight line. How we eat, sleep, move, think, feel, and connect to family, friends, colleagues, and community, help shape this road—and we believe that travel should not get in the way of that.

That’s great but it doesn’t do much when no one is staying at your hotels. So in an attempt to remind World of Hyatt members how focused Hyatt is on wellness, they recently ran an offer with Headspace’s relaxation website.

On December 9th, Hyatt’s 3rd Annual Global Day of Gratitude, the hotel chain offered a bonus of 500 World of Hyatt points to any member that logged into the app and listened to a meditation routine.  It was one of our loyal readers who gave us a tip about the promotion.

When I got home from a 12-hour shift at work, I went to log onto the World of Hyatt app on my phone to meditate for 500 points. It’s been so long since I’ve opened the app on my iPhone that it was offloaded (remember to turn this setting off if you’re traveling). After downloading the app, I needed to look up my password since I keep strong passwords for all of my accounts.

Once I was finally logged in, I couldn’t find where the darn relaxation page was and how I could claim my stupid 500 points!!! I tapped around the site with no success in finding the promotion and finally gave up, thinking that all of this effort wasn’t worth the $7.50 worth of points I’d get for listening to someone telling me how to relax.

Guess what happened today? I logged into my World of Hyatt account and noticed my balance had increased by 500 points.

a close-up of a white background

Suddenly, I feel calm and relaxed. I guess Hyatt knows that having points added to my account brings me more inner peace than any 5-minute meditation ever could. 🙂

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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