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Safety Signs That Were Made Because Tourists Sometimes Do Stupid Stuff

by SharonKurheg

When people go on vacation, they sometimes do stupid stuff. It’s usually annoying but relatively benign, like these times, when they’re labeled “that guy” (or gal) at the airport or on the plane because they’re only thinking of themselves (hello, manspreaders on planes! Here’s how to stop manspreaders in 3 easy steps!). Or when people have been waiting for 2 hours for a parade to start and 5 minutes before it’s set to begin, some self-centered bonehead tries to stand in front of them.

You know, stupid stuff.

But other people wind up doing really, REALLY stupid stuff. And they get hurt. Or killed. Or at least they almost do. Or could have. Whatever the case, the lawyers get involved and decree that a sign should be placed so someone else doesn’t try to do the same stupid stuff (or if they do, at least the place can say that they were warned). Here are some examples:

Stop With The Selfies!

Some people are so interested in getting that perfect selfie that they ignore their environment and, you know, wind up falling off a cliff. Or getting run over by a train. Or drowning. Here’s what some places are doing to try to stop “deaths by selfies.”

At Ski Resorts

PC: Reddit/Unknown

Every year skiers and snowboarders die because they go off the trails and try to do stupid stuff in places where they shouldn’t. They cause avalanches. They fall off cliffs. So there are signs that say “Don’t Go Here.”

The idiots still go there.

At Water Falls

PC: Reddit/peteydubzzz

Need I say more?

At Restaurants

PC: Reddit / BestServedColder

I know that servers take turns cleaning the restrooms at some restaurants. Definitely a good deterrent, I bet.

At Carnivals/Amusement Parks

PC: Reddit / ATrainOfCole

This sign is just WAAAAY too “out there” for the lawyers to suddenly say, “Let’s make a sign about this.” You KNOW that someone had a scarf on a Go-Kart, didn’t pay attention to where the scarf was, and something bad happened.

Update – yup. Sure did. And to more than one person, too. Poor things 🙁

At National Parks

Stupid people apparently have a “thing” for approaching wild animals. They want to pet them. Or feed them. Or they think they’re domesticated, like a dog.

They’re not.

But every year, chances are good that some stupid tourists have gotten mauled or worse. You’ll see headlines like these:

Because they didn’t pay attention to the signs that were made especially for people like them. Signs like these (all signs from U.S. National Parks):


At Walt Disney World

PC: Disney

This one has a story. Epcot, one of the four theme parks at WDW, has two lands – Future World and World Showcase. There are 9 pavilions at World Showcase, and each one represents a different country, complete with theming, souvenirs and food/beverage from the respective countries. A popular activity for some is to “drink around the world,” which is when people buy booze in each of the countries (think there’s no alcohol at Disney parks? Not anymore! Here’s the story about THAT) and see if they can make it all the way around (hopefully without throwing up or passing out. Good times).

In November 2015, a young man who was apparently “drinking around the world” with his friends decided to end his magical Disney day by climbing the pyramid outside of the Mexico Pavilion. Here’s the video:

Yeah…that sign was placed on the pyramid the very next day.

Because stupid people.

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