The One Place On Virgin Voyages Cruises You’ll Probably Want To Avoid

by SharonKurheg

Remember the cautionary tale we gave you about what to not do if you stay at the TWA Hotel? We’ve got another warning, travel friends, and this time it’s if you go on a Virgin Voyages cruise.

Joe and I went on our first Virgin Voyages cruise in July. Here’s some of the stuff we wrote about it around that time:

So yeah, we really enjoyed our “mermaiden” (their word; I stole it) cruise on Virgin. So much so that I went on another cruise with them, this time with a friend, but without Joe (Sorry not sorry, my love! Not my fault you didn’t have enough vacation time in the bank), in November. Still had fun.

One thing on Virgin Voyages I had read about, but never happened to experience, were the public men’s and women’s rest rooms with the glass walls. There are apparently some on either side of the pool, as well as on Deck 15, just outside the gym. Not sure of other places. Anyway, they give you quite a view….while you do whatever you may do in the loo. 😉 Here’s an example:

a bathroom with a large window overlooking the ocean

Of course, if you’re at sea, it doesn’t matter if you have a see-through window in the toilet, since no one can see you. After all, all that’s out there is the ocean, clouds and sky. However if you’re docked at a port, it’s a very different story.

I was under the impression that they locked “those” bathrooms when the ship was in port, to help avoid any, um, public viewing. But apparently that isn’t the case? This was released on TikTok not very long ago:

a screenshot of a cruise ship

So yeah…unless you’re an exhibitionist (or just don’t give a crap…you see what I did there?), you might want to avoid those bathrooms when you’re in port. Very similar to those particular TWA Hotel rooms

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