Reason #758 Why AMEX Offers Are Awesome

by joeheg

I give American Express plenty of grief about how they run their credit card and loyalty programs. They make it far too difficult to use the credits they give to cardmembers. The RAT team is overly aggressive in catching people who are supposedly trying to “game the system.” Finally, they nickel and dime their best members when it comes to accessing Centurion lounges.

However, I only gripe about AMEX so much because it’s my favorite bank for credit cards. Part of that love comes from the fact that AMEX was the first bank to give me a rewards card. It was the first card where I was able to earn 50% bonus points for travel expenses. Finally, it was the first program where I could transfer points to a rewards program to book an award ticket.

I’m not shy about saying that I love it when I get an amazing AMEX Offer.

The most recent one I received is almost too easy to redeem.

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Enroll with one click and you can earn a $15 statement credit after using Apple Pay to make 5 purchases through 10/10/21.

My mind started to wonder how I could earn the credit by spending less than $15.

I could buy five bottles of soda at the drugstore for $2 each and make $5. That’s not as great as the 50x points I earned when Chase asked me to use my Contactless card 3x for 1,000 bonus points but you bet I will make 5 Apple Pay purchases in the next month with my AMEX card.

Besides this and the $100 they paid us for staying at a Marriott hotel last month, we’re doing pretty good with the AMEX offers.

As I’ve said before. If you’re not taking advantage of AMEX Offers, you’re doing it wrong.

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