Iceland Tourism Group Parodied Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Video. It’s Perfect

by joeheg

Oh, do I love a good parody! I’ve always been a fan of music parodies (Weird Al Yankovic, anyone?) but over time was thrilled to discover there’s a world of travel parodies, as well.

I think the best travel parodies I’ve ever seen came out of Australia, with two independent underground campaigns that were naughty but hysterical.

There’s also the shirt you can buy that describes being Bonvoyed to, well, a T (Click here to see it. It’s not our link and we get nothing for it. Joe got me one for Christmas last year!).

This brings me to how an Iceland tourism group just parodied Mark Zuckerberg.

See, the reasoning for the timing is still up for debate (Facebookgate, anyone?). But Mark Zuckerberg recently introduced the world to Meta, the new name for Facebook.

In October, Facebook/Meta/whateva released a video that explained what Meta was supposed to do: their “metaverse,” will be a virtual world that “will be the successor to the mobile internet.”

As per Zuckerberg, the metaverse’s defining quality is “the feeling of presence … like you’re there with other people.”


The folks at Inspired by Iceland, a public-private entity that promotes Iceland and its products, couldn’t resist making their own form of the video to advertise their homeland.

In the new video, a Zuckerberg lookalike named “Zack Mossbergsson,”  with a Caesar haircut cut, minimalist black outfit, hand gestures and all, introduces the world to “Icelandverse.”

“Hello and welcome to this very natural setting,” says Mossbergsson. “Today I want to talk about a revolutionary approach to connect our world without being super weird.”

The video continues with obvious swipes at Zuckerberg, both in his Meta video, and in the news (like when Zuckerberg was photographed on vacation wearing way too much sunscreen on his face).

It’s very clever and well done. Take a look:


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