Citi Finally Let Me Combine All Of My ThankYou Accounts

by joeheg

I’ll admit it, Citi has let me sign up for more credit cards than some other bloggers.

Sure, it could be because I’ve been at this for a while and have been able to get around some of the most bothersome restrictions regarding signing up for new Citi cards.

For example, I had an ancient AT&T Universal card which I changed to another AT&T card before turning it into the newer Citi Custom Cash card.

I wanted to combine all of my Citi cards into a single ThankYou Account. If you’re interested, Frequent Miler explains the advantages and disadvantages of combining Citi accounts.

For reference, I have a Citi Premier, Citi Custom Cash and a Citi Rewards+ card. The Citi Premier card allows me to transfer points to travel partners, like Singapore Airlines or Wyndham Rewards. In addition, the Citi Rewards+ card has a 10% bonus on transferred points.

However, that only works if the cards are linked.

For example, I burned over 100K ThankYou points to book Icelandair flights through the Citi travel portal. I transferred points to the Citi Rewards+ card for the redemption so I’d get the 10% rebate. However, I couldn’t do the same when sending points to Singapore Airlines since our Rewards+ and Premier accounts weren’t linked.

That’s a problem I was looking to fix for future redemptions. While linking Citi accounts is easy, there can be some problems if the accounts don’t exactly match.

At first, my Rewards+ account didn’t match my Citi Premier card as I’d failed to remove our non-existent landline phone from the Premier account.

Once I matched all of the information, Citi’s website asked me if I wanted to combine the accounts.

As I was logged into my Citi Rewards+ account, it asked if this was the account I wanted to combine with my other existing ThankYou account.

Once I agreed, I was asked if I wanted to combine the Rewards+ card with the ThankYou account containing the Premier and Custom Cash cards.

I was only one click away from combining the 10% rebate from the Rewards+ card with the 5% monthly category bonus of the Custom Cash with the transferable points of the Premier card.

Needless to say, I agreed to combine the perks from each card into a single account. Since two cards have no annual fee, I only have to pay the annual fee of the Premier card to keep the perks of all three.

I don’t need to transfer or spend any of my ThankYou points at the moment, but when I do it will be nice to know I’ll get 10% of my points back thanks to the Citi Rewards+ card linked to my ThankYou account.

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