Man Pranked Thousands of Sydney Int’l Airport Passengers

by SharonKurheg

Consider this an early April Fool’s post. 😉

I’m always one to enjoy a good prank or trolling, as long as no one gets hurt in the process. These have been some of my favorites:

I’ve also enjoyed the stories of the guys who confuse the crap out of passengers flying overhead, who think they’re going to one city and see a sign welcoming them to another.

The first prank, which is still going on, started about 45 years ago. It’s specifically played on passengers as they’re making their final descent on their way to Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport.

The second one, which happened last year in the U.K., is equally as brilliant.

And now we can add a third of these pranks to the list.

As planes land in Sydney, Australia, they may notice a sign that welcomes them to a very different city.

The rooftop sign was done by a man named Brad Heasman, who owns a warehouse in Sydenham, a suburb of Sydney. He got the idea to make the sign in 2021.

“Our complex is directly under the flight path and we always see planes flying above so I thought ‘it’s a bit of a laugh, why not?'” he told Traveller.

Heasman fully admitted he had been inspired by the aforementioned ‘Welcome to Cleveland’ prank in the U.S.

He says he used the paint used to make lines in the street. “There’s all glass crystals in there so it reflects nicely at night time,” he said of the paint job.

Sydney is about 3290 kilometers (roughly 2044 miles) from Perth.

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