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We Did It! We’re Officially a Dot Com!

by joeheg

When we had the idea of starting a travel blog, Sharon and I brainstormed to find a title. This went on for days, or maybe weeks. We had many horrible ideas and it took a moment when we weren’t even talking about travel to get the idea. It was Sharon who replied “Your Mileage May Vary” to something I said for the lightbulb to go off. I immediately knew it should be the title for a travel blog that wasn’t going to focus on flying on Emirates to the Maldives, but was about more typical stuff that Jamie Q. Public does, like go to New York to see shows or to Texas to visit a water park. She’s never going to let me live it down that she came up with the title for the website (Note from Sharon: true story!).

My first stop was to check if anyone had claimed the domain name. A lot of good it would be to have a title for the blog if we couldn’t register the website name. While the dot com name was unavailable, I was able to snag yourmileagemayvary dot net, and that has been our website name ever since.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t want to be yourmileagemayvary.com. It’s just that someone else owned the name and they weren’t giving it up, even if there wasn’t anything on the site.

I’m happy to say that thanks to the amazing team at Boarding Area (including the incredible Randy Petersen), we were eventually able to get control of the dot com domain.

Of course, the first time we got to meet Randy in person, Sharon had to photobomb the picture. (Sharon: Well, DUH. I photobomb famous places and people, so…)

Honestly, we’ve had the dot com address since the end of 2019 and if you accidentally typed in yourmileagemayvary.com, it forwarded to the .net website, thanks to the internet magic of the Boarding Area crew.

However, we decided it was time to make the move official and as of yesterday, the new home of our website is yourmileagemayvary.com.

What does it mean to us?

The name change isn’t going to go to our heads. You’re going to see the same things you saw when we were a dot net website. I’ll still write trip reviews, points deals and credit card offers and Sharon will write about every other quirky (Sharon: *cough” and clickbaity *cough*) thing related to travel.

Behind the scenes, we had an amazing team to help us with the move and we can’t be more thankful that all we needed to do was update our social media accounts and references to the old address in our email accounts. We’ll have to get some new business cards, so if you have one of the ones with the .net address, you might want to keep them as they’re now collectors’ items.

What does it mean to you?

If you have our site bookmarked, and thank you if you do, we’d appreciate it if you change the link to the new address. Things will forward from the .net address but with the internet overlords, direct traffic is preferred over redirected traffic.

If you ever want to contact us, our new email for general requests is info@yourmileagemayvary.com.

Besides that, expect more of the same when visiting Your Mileage May Vary.

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Brian May 24, 2023 - 5:03 pm

Congrats! Love your site

Anthony - The Bulkhead Seat May 24, 2023 - 6:20 pm

Congrats! Love your blog. Always something fun and quirky to read 🙂


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