This Chase Card Now Offers A New Perk & 3 Additional Versions

by joeheg

There are reasons why banks provide customers with the opportunity to pick from several card designs. The first is psychological because when you pick a design that is important to you, then you’re going to be more likely to keep that card with you and hopefully use it more often. It also allows a card to appeal to different customers with the same product, like how the Drive Plus Mastercard has designs for Jeep owners, Ram Truck drivers and Dodge aficionados.

People also view credit cards as a status symbol. That’s why American Express offers the Gold Card in both gold and rose gold variations. The AMEX Platinum personal card also comes in three different designs, with two of them, IMHO, looking like someone drew on them with a crayon.

Overall, giving customers a choice in card designs is a straightforward yet effective way for credit card companies to set themselves apart from their competitors and build customer loyalty.

Two cards that offer several different designs to cardholders are the Disney Visa card (no annual fee) and the Disney Premier Visa card ($49 annual fee). Until recently, cardholders could pick from 10 designs covering brands in the Disney universe:

With classic Disney animated characters, Disney Parks and Star Wars each getting cards, there was one division missing; Marvel. Not long ago, I did some looking to find out why the Disney Visa cards didn’t have any Marvel characters.

I’m not going to take any credit for this, but Disney and Chase just announced three additional Marvel-themed card designs.

You can now have cards with images of:

  • Black Panther
  • Captain America’s shield
  • Baby Groot

In addition, Disney Visa cardholders now can receive 20% off their first year of an annual Marvel Unlimited subscription, your one-stop destination for over 30,000 comics spanning the Marvel Universe.

Annual subscriptions for cardholders are $55 for the first year (usually $69) when you use your Disney Visa Credit Card and promo code DRVCMEMBER. Subscriptions will automatically renew for the full price if not canceled.

While I still don’t know what the delay was in introducing Marvel card designs and benefits for Disney Visa cardholders, fans of the comics, movies and TV shows can now show off their fandom with pride.

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