The Cabins You’ll Want to Avoid on Virgin Voyages & Why

by SharonKurheg

We’ve extolled the virtues of Virgin Voyages several times since our “mermaiden” cruise with them in July, 2022 (it was supposed to happen in July, 2020, and then got moved to July, 2021 but you know how that went. Thanks, covid!)

We had an XL cabin, which included a balcony with a small table, 2 chairs, their famous custom-made scarlet red Virgin Voyages hammock, and a see through glass railing. It was heavenly and I spent hours in that hammock, alternating reading a book and just looking out at the ocean as we continued on to our next port.

It wasn’t until we were home and I joined some Virgin Voyages-themed message groups that I realized how lucky I was to have that hammock and view. Apparently not everyone does.

Virgin Voyages’ ships are typically “ship shaped.” That means most of the outside cabins are in a straight row until the front part of the ship starts curve so the bow can be pointy.

PC: Virgin Voyages

Most of the cabins that have a terrace have a similar set up to the one I described above – the small table, 2 chairs, the hammock, and a see through glass railing. But those cabins in the very front? Because their respective terrace is beginning to make that curve, they have a steel railing on the balcony, instead of glass. It looks like this:

PC: Julie H.

Instead of this:

PC: Virgin Holidays

This is the case with the forwardmost few cabins on Decks 9, 10, 11 and 12. Specifically these:

9366 A AND Z
9370 A AND Z
9374 A AND Z

DECK 10:
10354 A AND Z
10358 A AND Z
10362 A AND Z
10366 A AND Z
10370 A AND Z

DECK 11:
11346 A AND Z
11350 A AND Z
11354 A AND Z
11358 A AND Z
11362 A AND Z
11366 A AND Z
11368 A AND Z

DECK 12:
12338 A AND Z
12342 A AND Z
12346 A AND Z
12350 A AND Z
12354 A AND Z

Some wonderful person on the internet even made this photo that points out the cabin numbers in question:

PC: No idea. Found it on the internet. Willing to give credit or remove as needed.

When Virgin Voyages first became available to sail, these forwardmost cabins didn’t even have the brand’s famous hammocks. Word on the street is the hammocks need two suitable mounting points, which, due to facilities/infrastructure/pipework in that part of the ship, wasn’t possible on the balconies in question. But they’ve now added these hanging chairs, along with a cushion that you can add to it:

PC: Laura W.

The person who took the pictures, Laura W., just got off the Scarlet Lady; she said the new hanging chairs are very soft and comfy. And even though they’re chained on the bottom, they still have a little “give” to them so you can swing.

So there ya go. Those terrace cabins in the very front have metal balconies instead of glass, and an “egg chair” instead of a hammock. The unfortunate thing is that Virgin Voyages won’t tell you this when you make a reservation, and they charge the same for these cabins as those that have glass and hammocks. Which is, I think, shifty. For the several thousands they’re charging, they could easily knock a few dollars off, because your terrace experience will NOT be as good as someone who has glass and a hammock.

But if nothing else, you CAN choose your cabin when you or your travel agent/advisor make your reservation…so don’t choose one of those, if you have dreams of lounging in your hammock and looking at the water.

Feature Photo: Virgin Voyages

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