These Airlines Don’t Fly, & This Airport’s Closed, on Christmas

by SharonKurheg

When you live in the United States, it becomes something of a way of life that on Christmas Day, some things are open and some are closed. After all, the United States is a nation of multiple nationalities and religions—a melting pot. And while Christmas is a Really Big Deal (caps for emphasis) for some people, it’s Not My Holiday and just a regular day for others. So over time, we know that:

  • Movie theaters tend to be open, but retail stores, for the most part, will be closed
  • Some restaurants will be open. Others decide to close up shop for the day
  • The post office is closed, but airports are open, and airlines are flying

In countries that generally don’t celebrate Christmas, December 25th is just another day. But in places where Christianity and/or Catholicism have a decent or even large following, you may see airlines or even whole airports close for what they consider to be a very important day.

Airlines that Close on Christmas

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus is an Irish-based airline, with its head office based on the grounds of Dublin Airport. 69% of of Ireland’s population identifies as Roman Catholic, so it’s not super surprising that Aer Lingus chooses not to fly on Christmas Day.


British low-cost leisure airline Jet2 traditionally doesn’t fly on Christmas. However, it’s officially less for religious reasons than to give its workers time off to spend with their respective loved ones.

PLAY Airline

PLAY Airlines is a low-cost Icelandic airline headquartered in the country’s capital of Reykjavík. About 80% of Icelandics identify as Evangelical Lutherans.

PLAY was founded in 2019, after two former executives from WOW Air joined forces after WOW’s collapse earlier that year. They decided to follow WOW’s tradition of not flying on Christmas Day so employees could spend the day with their families.


Like Aer Lingus, Ryanair’s headquarters is based out of Dublin. Also like Aer Lingus, it traditionally doesn’t fly on Christmas Day, as the day has such deep religious meaning for the faithful in Ireland.

Airports that Close on Christmas

Dublin Airport

Just as Aer Lingus and Ryanair don’t fly on Christmas Day because of religious convictions, Dublin Airport, also based in Ireland, closes that day. From the airport’s website:

Dublin Airport will close on Christmas Day – the only day on which it closes every year – however a number of staff members will remain on duty that day, including the airport’s emergency fire services.

Flight operations will cease on Christmas Eve after the last flight (Aer Lingus flight EI765 from Tenerife) arrives at 23.00 to ensure that air traffic control space is fully clear for the arrival of Santa’s sleigh after midnight. Flight operations will resume on St. Stephen’s Day when Ryanair flight FR7378 departs to Marrakech at 05.55.

Despite lots of research to find others, Dublin Airport appears to be the only commercial airport that flat-out closes on Christmas Day. However, some smaller or privately owned airports, even in the U.S., might have limited hours.

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