Should You Transfer Your Citi ThankYou Points to Accor Live Limitless for the 50% Bonus?

by joeheg

Accor has been a partner with Citi ThankYou since May 2023. They ran a 50% transfer bonus at the end of 2023, which was interesting as it was Accor that awarded the bonus, and it wasn’t hard coded into the Citi ThankYou website.

Well, now Citi and Accor are back with another bonus, and this one works more like we’re accustomed to. Until May 11, 2024, Citi ThankYou point transfers to Accor Live Limited (ALL) will earn 50% more points.

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Which Citi Cards Are Eligible

Many of Citi’s credit cards earn points in the ThankYou program. However, only those with a Citi Premier or who have held on to the Citi Prestige can transfer points to the program’s seventeen partners. Citi allows cardholders to pool ThankYou points from several accounts, so the points you earn with the Citi Rewards+, Citi Double Cash and Citi Custom Cash can also be transferred if you have one of the premium Citi ThankYou cards.

And unlike the last bonus offer, this one is hard coded into the ThankYou website.

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Where Can You Redeem Accor Live Limitless Points?

The ALL program is a fixed-value loyalty scheme. To redeem your points, you can swap 2,000 Accor points for €40 off your hotel bill. What makes this an interesting proposition is that you can choose to redeem points at any time, even during your stay, by telling the front desk that you’d like to redeem points against your folio balance.

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Is This A Good Deal?

The real question is whether you should transfer points from Citi ThankYou to Accor Live Limitless to take advantage of the 50% bonus. I admit I’m tempted because, when you crunch the numbers, it’s not a bad value for Citi points.

If you transfer 1,000 Citi points with the current promotion, you will earn 750 ALL points, which can be redeemed for €15 or $15.94 based on the current exchange rate. This will lock in a value of 1.59 cents per point, a reasonable value for Citi ThankYou points. In the past, I redeemed a significant amount of points for flights to Iceland through the Citi Portal at 1 CPP because I couldn’t find a better use for them.

Why You Might Not Want To Transfer Points To Accor Live Limitless

There were a few major reasons not to transfer points.

  • Accor points expire 12 months from the date they are deposited in your account if there are no additional points added to your account. While I could possibly add points every year if I haven’t used the points, that’s an additional account that I need to work to keep active.
  • There are a limited number of Accor hotels in the cities we’ll be visiting in 2024 and 2025.

Final Thought

Transferring points to Accor could be a great option if you have trouble redeeming Citi points for more than 1.6 CPP. The main issue is knowing that the points will expire after a year. You need to use them within that time or find a way to prevent them from expiring.

I have a few places where we could use Accor points in 2024, so I’m going to see if we can make a use of our points with a 50% transfer bonus.

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