Vegas, Baby! These are two words Sharon hates to hear. Well she would hate hearing them if I ever said them. Which I don’t. Let me explain.


Every year, Sharon and I try to have at least one “epic” trip. The one we plan all year. Because we went on two epic trips to Cuba and then Europe last year, we decided that it might be best to take it easy this year. We first thought that a drive on Route 66 would be pretty cool. Then we started to do more research and decided that while some of the attractions are neat, that is a whole lot of time to spend in a car. So we narrowed our search and are going to spend time around the American Southwest. It’s an area we’ve been to before but never on a road trip like this.

Phoenix-Sedona-Grand Canyon-Vegas-Disneyland

I know that in Phoenix we might go to “the house the man built all by himself that was in a Monkees episode” as Sharon calls it. (I think this is the Mystery Castle but I’m not sure). When we go to Sedona, I just want to go back to dinner at Dahl & Di Luca. We ate there during our Adventures by Disney trip in 2006, at our guides’ suggestion, and it was one of the best meals we’ve ever had. I’ve already locked in our rooms at the Thunderbird and Bright Angel Lodge at the Grand Canyon. We are also planning on going to the Grand Canyon Skywalk even though it is supposedly a tourist trap – but Sharon likes to show how much of a bad ass she is about not being scared of heights.

Now I’m up to planning the part of the trip I really know nothing about, Las Vegas. The last time we were there was 2005 and that was mainly to see Avenue Q and Toxic Audio.

Avenue Q at the Wynn
Toxic Audio at the Luxor

Back then I booked us a luxurious room at The Orleans. As you can see, our biggest concern when booking the room that time was that it was inexpensive.


Our room at The Orleans


The not bad view from our room (once you look over the office parks)


I’m amazed I found a picture of Sharon smiling in Las Vegas.

Sharon doesn’t hate Las Vegas. She’s just bored the minute she gets there. She doesn’t gamble. She watches what she eats. She doesn’t want to sit by the pool all day. She doesn’t like the classic Cirque du Soleil shows. Because of this, I’ve never even brought up the idea of us going back. It’s just not on the list of places we actively want to visit. It just turns out on this trip that it is the only place between the Grand Canyon and Los Angeles we could think about staying a few days. She was even the one who brought up the idea of us going there.

So here is where I need help. Let me know what do you like to do in Vegas? Places to stay, places to eat, shows to see. We’ll have at least 2 nights there in October over a weekend (I know it’s more expensive but we’d rather be in a crowded Vegas instead of a crowded Grand Canyon).

Drop us a note here on the blog or comment on Facebook or Twitter. I am looking forward to seeing what you all like to do when in Las Vegas. And remember, what happens in Vegas just might end up being a story on the blog.




Marie LaPerna March 10, 2017 - 10:55 am

Let’s see – there’s Red Rock Canyon northwest of Vegas. the neon graveyard, the classic car museum at what used to be the Imperial Palace (I think it’s the Quad now), the pinball museum, the Mob Museum in downtown (which can then be dinner and time at the Fremont Street Experience), art galleries and for pure, unadulterated cheese, the Bonnie Springs “Ghost town” is fun.

joeheg March 10, 2017 - 11:23 am

Wow. That a lot of things to do. I could totally see us going to the Neon Graveyard and maybe the pinball museum. We’re always up for some cheesy fun so I’ll check out the ghost town too. Thanks!

Maureen March 11, 2017 - 12:45 pm

Matt Franco, the winner of America’s got talent, had a good magic show at the Linc/Linx, can’t remember the name. Honestly, we were there to run the Rock n Roll marathon and 10k. We went to Santa Monica, the Hoover Dam and spent some time on the strip, cooked dinners at home, saved alot of money that way. Rented a car to get around as we rented a house for the week about 2 miles from the strip

sharonheg March 11, 2017 - 1:39 pm

Thanks, Maureen! People have given us so many great ideas, we’re starting to think we’ll stay 3 nights instead of 2 🙂


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