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Fall Asleep In One City & Wake Up In Another, In A Moving Hotel!

by SharonKurheg

In 2016, some entrepreneurs solved the problem of finding reasonably cheap travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco. They got a double decker bus, redesigned it with 23 sleep pods, and began a service where you can fall asleep in a private bunk in one city and wake up the next morning in another.

They call it Cabin.

The original name was actually SleepBus, which I happen to like better but hey, they didn’t consult with me before the name change ;-). But whatever you call it, the concept is really terrific – you buy a flat rate ticket (the rate varies depending on where you go but it’s generally between $85 to $115 one-way), get on the bus, pick a bunk, hang out for a while if you want, and then fall asleep! When you wake up the next morning, you will have arrived; it’s as simple as that. They refer to it as a moving hotel and in many way, I guess it is :-).

Cabin Passengers 03_preview

via Cabin

Anyway, it’s cheaper than flying, more convenient that driving and what could be more glorious than sleeping in a real bed while on the road???

Here’s how it works:

You make a reservation and a few days before departure day, you’ll receive an email with exact pick up spot and drop-off locations, as well as a packing like (i.e. bring comfy PJs, but no outside food or alcohol. You can bring a small snack, though.).

You and up to 2 bags arrive about 20-30 minutes (or more, if you want) before departure time at a centrally located pick up spot. They have hospitality-trained attendants ready to welcome you, and you get a chance to unwind for a little while in their lounge, where they have nighttime tea and free WiFi available.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 10.41.15 PM

via ridecabin Instagram

You pick your sleep pod – either an upper or a lower. Each cabin is approximately 75-77″ long, 25″ tall and 26-31″ wide, depending on which one you choose.

Whatever the case, they offer super soft sheets and fluffy pillows in your own private sleeping cabin. Each cabin also features snooze-inducing amenities like natural melatonin Dream Water, ear plugs, a face wipe and regular water to keep you hydrated. With all of that plus a privacy shade, blackout drapes and soundproof walls, you’re sure to doze off petty quickly. But if not, don’t worry…each cabin has a reading light, too, as well as 2 electrical outlets and 2 USB ports. There’s a vent for the air conditioning or heat that you can control and they also give you a cloth bag to put your shoes in, to keep the sleep pod clean.


via ridecabin.com

Each Cabin vehicle is equipped with a bathroom located on the ground  floor, near the base of the stairs. All bathrooms have a flushable toilet, sink with running water and various sanitation products and amenities.

When you wake up, you’ll almost be at your destination, so you can wash up, get dressed, have a cup of coffee and, once at the conveniently placed arrival location, head on out.
[vimeo 258862397 w=640 h=360]

So if you have a need to travel between L.A. and San Francisco, maybe Cabin is for you – and you can sleep while you get between the two!

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