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The Psychedelic Fun House That’s An Experience For ANY Age (Thanks to George RR Martin)

by SharonKurheg

Although currently closed for COVID, they hope to reopen ASAP, as well as open temporary exhibits in other cities, as well.

Remember when you would go to the carnival as a kid? Or maybe the county fair? Remember how much you LOVED the Fun House? Welp, a company is now offering an updated version of a fun house…but it’s not REALLY a fun house…it’s more like a haunted house meets choose your own adventure meets a psychedelic indoor playground or maybe it’s more like a Myst meets Peewee’s Playhouse sort of thing, complete with amazing interactive art, storytelling and music. Whatever the case, if you ask me, it looks REALLY cool!

MeowLOGOMeow Arts, a non-profit 501(3)c organization, is an arts and entertainment company based in Santa Fe, NM formed by a group of young artists who wanted to supply Santa Fe with alternative art and music venues. They create immersive, interactive experiences to transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of story and exploration. After several short-term gigs in the area, their first permanent installation launched in March 2016 with support from Game Of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin. The THEA (Themed Entertainment Association) Award-winning House of Eternal Return lets guests discover a multidimensional mystery house with secret passages, portals to magical worlds, a climbing apparatus, and surreal, maximalist & mesmerizing art exhibits along with a children’s learning center, a top ten in the U.S. music venue, and cafe area.

House of Eternal Return is a unique art experience featuring an astonishing new form of non-linear storytelling that unfolds through exploration, discovery and 21st century interactivity.

The premise of the attraction is something has happened inside a mysterious Victorian house owned by the Selig family and that “something” has dissolved the nature of time and space.

The House is a 20,000 square foot art exhibit designed by the Meow Wolf collective. There are dozens of rooms, secret passages and interactive light and musical objects with which guests can play for hours or investigate the mystery of the Selig family, who disappeared one night after conducting a forbidden experiment inside their Victorian mansion. Who were the Seligs? Where did they go? and why is their home overrun by figures in white lab coats?

This maximalist art and storytelling showcase is appropriate and engaging for guests of all ages. It’s a place where you can experience what happens when art becomes everything you see, hear and touch. Be careful around the portals, though. I hear they go everywhere…

Want an idea of what it’s like? Take a look at this:

Joe and I haven’t been to House of Eternal Return yet, but based on the description, the premise sounds a bit like Sleep No More, in New York City; and that’s a good thing! Another good thing…it seems to be doing well! So well, in fact, that in January 2018 Meow Arts announced they will be opening two hew art complexes, one in Denver CO and one in Las Vegas, NV. Well, GOOD for them! It sounds like it’s right up our alley, so I suspect during our next visit to Vegas, we’ll stop by and see what it’s all about 🙂

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