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Help Us Plan Our Trip: What Should We Do In New Orleans?

by joeheg

The summer is (un)officially over and that means Sharon and I are going to start traveling again. We try to avoid traveling over the summer because, when kids are out of school, airline tickets from Orlando get more expensive and it’s also difficult for me to get time off from work. After Labor Day, our travels tend to pick up and we’ve sure got a bunch in store the next few months before the holiday seasons.

One trip we’re really looking forward to is a visit to New Orleans. Our trip there is long overdue and we’re fulfilling our promise made the beginning of this year to finally get there. I’m all booked with flights and hotel reservations but besides plans to meet with friends, nothing else is on the schedule.

We need your help!

The last time I visited New Orleans was in 2005. While some of the same places are there (like Cafe Du Monde), I’m sure there’s plenty of other places to visit that I’ve never heard of.


I trust our readers to provide travel advice because you’ve given us some great tips in the past. When we were planning a trip to Chicago you let us know about the Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise and places to eat like Portillo’s and Garrett Popcorn Shop.


We also asked for help planning our trip to Las Vegas. You came through for us again pointing us to the amazing Neon Museum.

Fitzgerald's Sign

Finally, how could I forget it was because of you, our readers, I found about the Savor Seattle Tour of Pike Place Market and the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, where I got to see the Jim Henson exhibit.


Tell Us Your Favorite Things To Do In New Orleans?

I’m not necessarily asking what you think a tourist would want to see. I mean, if you think it’s a great thing, then by all means tell us. I’m looking for other things you like to do besides the “tourist attractions.” What are good places to eat or a place to stop by for a drink? Maybe it’s a walking or guided tour. The only thing to remember is that there’s no wrong answer to this question. We’ll pick out whichever suggestions sound good to us. Maybe we won’t do any of them. Who knows? Even if we aren’t into the same things as you, there’s probably another one of our readers who is.

So hit me up with your suggestions. You can:

  • Leave a comment directly below on this post.
  • Reply to @YourMileageVary on Twitter
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I could just use the website that gives you an itinerary for any city, but it’s much more fun to hear from our readers and see what ideas you come up with.


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