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These Have Got To Be THE BEST Travel-Related Twitter Accounts Ever

by SharonKurheg

Social media…what would we do without it? Well, probably quite a lot, LOL! Twitter, in particular, has a lot of fans and a lot of naysayers, and I’ve seen and experienced both sides of that coin. But I do have to admit there are a lot of corporate Twitter accounts out there that are very well done and just, well, FUN! In between their plain ol’ ho hum tweets, places such as Wendy’s, Charmin, Netflix, and even Moon Pie will throw out some zingers that can definitely put a smile on your face, and even an occasional, “Oh no (s)he di’in’t!” 😉

But there’s a handful of travel-related Twitter accounts that I find particular helpful, fun and informative. Check these out:


JetBlue is one of our most favorite airlines and besides offering free WiFi and NOT offering those horrible basic economy tickets, their prices usually aren’t bad either. In fact, they were named 2nd Best Low Cost Carrier in J.D. Power’s 2018 report Of course, JetBlue recent increased their checked bag fees (but there are ways to get around that) so we’ll see how they do in the standings in 2019. Anyway, even with the recent increase, they still offer some awesome sales, which they post on this special Twitter account that’s devoted to getting the word out about their deals.

Curiosity Rover (run by NASA)

Travel can include space travel (and, I’m sure, will be commonplace to humans as the decades go on) and Curiosity Rover, NASA’s car-sized rover designed to explore Mars, has its own Twitter account to keep us mere humans up to date and informed about what’s happening on our neighboring planet. I’m glad that someone at NASA has a sense of humor!

U.S. Dep’t of State Bureau of Consular Affairs

Definitely not a “fun” account, but they offer important information for U.S. citizens to are traveling to other countries, with alerts about potentially dangerous situations as well as basic tips about getting your passport.

Earth Pics

Earth Pics’ sole reason for being is to share other peoples’ pics from around the world. But the admin(s) for account has a great eye and  they’re some beautiful pics. It’s like having a little piece of Instagram on Twitter!

Smarter Travel

A great Twitter site with helpful information and links to some really good travel articles!

Passenger Shaming

We wrote about this person’s hilarious Instagram site, but she has a presence on Twitter too. It’s photos and video taken by anonymous passengers and crew from all over the world, of passengers you love to hate.


Can you bring your embroidery scissors in your carry on? Do permanent markers have to go into your quart-sized bag? Can you bring ice in your carry on to keep food cold (we have the solution for that one)? If you have a question about your upcoming travel, Ask TSA is a good place to ask.

Airfare Watchdog

Like JetBlueCheeps above, this is another great site that tells when sales are happening. Except this one is all-encompassing. It’s very helpful if you’re looking for discounts on flights.

Orlando International Airport

I saved the best for last. Now granted, Joe and I live in Orlando and we travel a lot, so info from our hometown airport is important to us. That being said, even if we didn’t live here, we think we’d still follow MCO’s Twitter presence. Besides generally helpful info, the person/people who writes on their Twitter share cool stuff like updates to the airport, videos of planes taking off and landing, some gorgeous photos, and throwing a little shade here and there (in between the really bad jokes LOL)…

These last few are much better if you click on the video

And finally, you gotta read this whole thread. Granted it started to ATL’s Twitter site, and a bunch of airports eventually got into the act (get it? LOL!), but it was MCO who started up all the shenanigans (holy crap, I used the word “shenanigans” in a sentence!)

What are YOU favorite travel related Twitter places? I’d love to know!

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