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Two Adults-Only Resorts Set Their Reopening Dates

by SharonKurheg

Industries you may never have thought of have had to weather the COVID-19 storm. For example, those in the adult entertainment sector had to think outside the box very early on to try to stay afloat. But now, just as bars and barbershops are starting to reopen their doors with enhanced safety features, so are some adult-only resorts. Two of them that are owned by Original Group, Temptation and Desire, have just announced their respective reopening dates, and both have taken “safety” to heart.

Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort

Located in Puerto Morelos, the front page of Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort’s website touts that they’re “SEDUCTIVE & SANITIZED!” I never really thought of those two words being in the same sentence, but the world is in the midst of a new normal, so I guess there ya go.

Anyway, the resort is set to open on July 1 and they say they have safety protocols in place for healthy partying.

“Providing you with the most sensual and unique adult vacation experiences is the heart and soul of Desire Resorts; however, we take your health and wellbeing very seriously. Thus, to ensure you and your partner a seductive, healthy Desire Experience, we have been working on our new Seductive & Sanitized safety protocol.

Here’s what Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort will be doing to keep you safe:


  • Guests will be motivated to keep social distancing in all common areas, including lobby, restaurants, bars, and pools.
  • Temperature taking using infrared sensors.
  • We have changed our buffets to live cooking stations.


  • Continuous and effective disinfection of in-room surfaces and air conditioners.
  • Constant disinfection of high contact areas every 30 minutes.
  • Detailed disinfection of luggage at the time of arrival.


  • Virtual point of sale system and digital menus at restaurants and bars.


  • Personal protection equipment supplies for each guest (optional use).
  • Anti-bacterial gel stations in all areas throughout the resort.
  • Our Germ Patrol will be offering anti-bacterial gel to guests on a regular basis.
  • 24-hour medical service.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort is for couples only. They’re all inclusive and the highlights of the resort include a clothing optional beachfront, adult entertainment, a fantasy menu, jacuzzi lounge and a playroom. They don’t mention how “Seductive and Sanitized” will work for some of those. I mean, I guess you could just replace feathers but CAN you even sanitize, oh I dunno, leather? Asking for a friend.

Temptation Cancun Resort

This resort isn’t seductive and sanitized. Instead, it’s SEXY & SANITIZED! 😉

Scheduled to  reopen on June 10th, the Temptation Cancun Resort has all the same safety and cleanliness protocols as the Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort. However they seem to have more contactless technology in place. Besides the virtual point of sale and digital menus, they also tout:

  • Online check in and check out to prevent crowded lines.
  • Use of bracelets to open room doors.
  • Automatic drapes.

Temptation Cancun Resort is for the 21+ crowd. It includes signature playgrounds, topless-optional beach and pool areas, riveting entertainment, pool parties, theme nights and gastronomic ecstasy. And now they’re all sexy and sanitized for your safety and enjoyment 😉

Our take on it

These resorts can have sanitation and safety protocols until the cows come home, but I really question how safe these types of places are going to be during the time that the Novel 2019 Coronavirus is still running rampant. Both are “party” resorts and if you look at their promo photos, there’s a whole lot of “not social distancing” going on. Of course, management can recommend that people not dance within 6 feet of anyone else (and that’s really the least of their social distancing problems at places like those LOL), but how realistic is that?

Don’t get me wrong – I have no qualms about these resorts reopening. Adults are adults and have the right to do whatever they want, provided it’s legal and doesn’t hurt anyone else. There’s just no way I can see them making safe choices at places like these.

I suspect that, much like we’re already seeing in our local supermarket, people will be “encouraged” to take precautions, but won’t. And it’ll be another venue for COVID-10 to continue to flourish.

Feature Photo: Temptation Cancun Resort

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Christian June 9, 2020 - 12:04 am

My wife and I love Temptation – at least the quiet side- but based on a few stays a lot of people tend to act like they’re at a frat party. Maybe another year.


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