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Nine Things You Should Do Before You Go Out Of Town

by SharonKurheg

When you’re traveling for any amount of time, you have many things to remember before you go away. What to bring and what not to. All your prescription and over the counter medications. All your electronics and the stuff to ensure you don’t fry them. And the list goes on and on.

You should also do some things that may not be utmost in your mind when you’re getting ready to go out of town. Here are a bunch of them:

Confirm all reservations

I don’t just mean checking your airline software to make sure your plane is still on time. Also, double-check your hotel, car rental, restaurant and entertainment/attraction reservations to ensure everything is all OK. If something’s not right, it’s easier to take care of any possible problems ahead of time than when you’re at the check-in desk and stressed and/or pressed for time.

Oh, and no matter what, have copies of your confirmation numbers with you, either on your phone or on paper.

Check the weather


Sure, it sounds like a no-brainer but you’d be amazed at how many people don’t check the forecast of where they’re going.  Unless you don’t mind having to go shopping for long/short sleeves, a heavier/lighter jacket, shorts/pants, snow boots, etc., it’s probably better to check the weather and plan your packing accordingly.

And don’t forget to see what the weather will be when you get home, too, so you don’t wind up wearing long johns and a turtleneck and it turns out they have a spring thaw at home.

Tell your home security system operator

This is especially important if you’ll be gone for an extended period of time, with no one in the house. Some people also tell their local police department – they may go past your house a bit more than usual, to make sure everything is OK.

Clean out your fridge

If you have stuff that’ll expire while you’re gone, or will stink by the time you get back, get rid of it before you leave. Plan it a few days ahead of time and either eat it, freeze it, throw it out, or give it away.

Don’t forget to clean the sink, take out the trash and run the dishwasher, too. Not only will leftover food rot and smell, but it can bring bugs, too.

Leave an itinerary with someone you trust

You never know when an emergency could happen. Your emergency contact should have a copy of your travel plans, your cell number and, as needed, any info about pets (where they are, veterinary info, etc.). Also, have your emergency contact’s contact information easily accessible so YOU can contact HIM/HER.

Check with your cell phone company


We purposely switched from AT&T to T-mobile because at the time, T-mobile’s international plan was much more reasonable than AT&T’s. Several U.S.-based phone companies have reasonable international plans nowadays, so you can still use your phone out of the country.

If not going that route, plan ahead of time. If you plan on buying a SIM chip when you arrive, decide what you’re going to get and where to buy it ahead of time.

Empty your wallet

Besides making your wallet that much thinner, if your wallet is stolen, you won’t have to worry about replacing your library card, restaurant loyalty card with 9 out of 10 punch holes, Whole Foods gift card, etc.

Pay your bills ahead of time

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and I’m sure you plan on paying your bills while you’re out of town. Still and all, there’s a good chance you’ll forget. To avoid late fees and do what you need to do to ensure all your bills will be paid on time.

Put your mail/package delivery on hold

Years ago, if you wanted mail delivery to stop, you had to fill out a card and mail it to the post office weeks ahead of time to ensure your mail would be held while you were away. Nowadays, it’s a matter of a few keystrokes on a computer. Here’s how to stop delivery for USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, etc.

You could also ask a neighbor to collect your mail, as well as to be on the lookout for any boxes you forgot or didn’t know were going to be left on your porch.

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