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The 50 Most Expensive Cities For U.S. Hotel Stays

by SharonKurheg

In this post-COVID world, everything seems to have gotten more expensive. Grocery prices have gone through the roof, housing prices surged, and, until recently gas prices were the highest they had been in months.

Not surprisingly, the prices for hotels have also gone up pretty substantially. In fact, hotel rates have increased by an average of 30% in comparison to 2021. But that average includes hotels that have gone up by only 10%, all the way to those with price increases of (are you sitting down?) more than 110%.

Cheaphotels.org wanted to see which cities had the most expensive hotel rooms in 2022, so they did a survey. They compared hotel prices across 50 of the largest cities in the U.S. (read: 36 cities with over 500K residents, and 14 with 250K or more) during October 2022 – that’s the month when hotel rates in most American cities usually peak.

For each destination city, the average price for the cheapest available double room was established for the period of October 1st through 31st, 2022. Rates were recorded during late September, using leading hotel booking websites. Only centrally located hotels (those either downtown or close to downtown) and rated at least 3 stars were included.

Boston turned out to be the most expensive U.S. city for hotel accommodation, with an average rate of $262 for the cheapest double room.

Austin came in second place, with an average nightly rate of $255. Detroit took the 3rd spot, with guests paying an average of $244. And New York City came in 4th, with a price of $240 per night for the cheapest room of a typical downtown hotel that was 3 stars or better.

Compared to last year, when rates were still affected by the Covid pandemic, prices in Boston are about 10% higher this year. That’s actually not too bad, when you consider Detroit’s hotel rooms have gone up by more than 90%. Meanwhile, New York City’s hotel rates are up 114%, which is just crazy.

Here are the top 20:

  1. Boston $262
  2. Austin $255
  3. Detroit $244
  4. New York City $240
  5. Nashville $225
  6. Pittsburgh $220
  7. Sacramento $217
  8. Kansas City $208
  9. Albuquerque $205
  10. Dallas $198
  11. St. Louis $196
  12. Cincinnati $195
  13. Denver $193
  14. Raleigh $190
  15. Cleveland $187
  16. San Diego $186
  17. Indianapolis $185
  18. Los Angeles $181
  19. San Jose $181
  20. Charlotte $176

Go to this page of cheaphotels.org’s website to see the full list of the 50 most expensive cities for U.S. hotel stays.

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