Latest Hack To Keep The Middle Seat Open on Southwest

by SharonKurheg

Although there are people who actually LIKE to have the middle seat, most of us tend to prefer either the window or the aisle (this hack to get the window seat is still one of my favorites). Airlines have gotten wind of that and when they charge people for seat assignments, that’s why the window and aisle seats cost more.

Unless you’re on Southwest. Because Southwest doesn’t have assigned seats, people who are parties of two will sometimes take the window and aisle seat of a row, hoping the unsavory middle seat stays open.

Passengers have figured out some very inventive ways to try to keep the seat next to them empty. But sometimes that’s just not possible.

Case in point, because a certain couple knew their Southwest flight was 100% full, they figured out a hack to ensure their 3rd person in the row was at least tolerable.

But recently the Southwest flight a couple was on was apparently not full, so they (well, HE) attempted the newest way to try to keep their middle seat open. Take a look:


The things he’ll do to keep the middle seat open on an airplane 🤣#fyp #k18results #southwestairlines #traveltiktok #middleseatistheworst

♬ original sound – Olivia

At last count, the video had over 2.8 million views. The response was a mixture of just a handful of responses:

  • People didn’t realize it was Southwest and saying they were still going to sit in that seat if it was assigned to them.
  • That’s a genius move
  • The people who want that middle seat because they know they’ll be offered the window or the aisle
  • If someone does take the middle seat, he’d be stuck with that “baby” for the whole trip (and it’d serve him right LOL)

If you’re on a Southwest flight and want to try to keep that middle seat open, hey, you do you, I guess. 😉

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Ghostrider5408 March 1, 2023 - 5:14 pm

Incredibly tacky the farther forward you are the more likely you are to have a center seat passenger unless of course if you feel you’re better than the other person.


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