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Dear Southwest: Why Did You Bring This Back?!?!

by SharonKurheg

I think most of us can agree the COVID pandemic was an awful, horrible, thing. Millions of people died, and many more millions have been diagnosed with long COVID. Companies closed, kids missed out on educational opportunities, and many people had to adapt to isolation for weeks, months, or for some, years. COVID also offered yet another opportunity for people to show the worst of themselves, thanks to crackpot conspiracy theorists who worked themselves and others into a frenzy (heads up y’all who might want to comment about the world’s response to the pandemic – if you want to reply to this post, read this first (particularly Guideline #5) to help ensure it gets approved).

All that being said, COVID did actually have a few positives:

  • Areas affected by overtourism were given breathing room and a chance to regroup
  • It opened the door for some people to permanently work from home
  • It gave rise to the Great Resignation, which, in turn, helped some people improve their salary and general working conditions
  • In the aftermath of the pandemic, it made some of us more grateful

There was one more thing that, for me, was a positive.

See, before the pandemic, Southwest Airlines had been hosting “pop-up concerts,” as part of their “Live at 35” series. They’ve been happening, on and off, since 2011. Although I’ve never had the so-called “pleasure” of experiencing one (thank heaven), I’ve already discussed why I dislike them so much.

When the pandemic hit, I wrote that the series was, essentially, “on pause.”Can’t say I was upset about that LOL.

Welp, unfortunately for me, but I guess fortunately for you who think Live at 35 is a good idea ;-), it’s back. According to a press release, Southwest hosted Honey County’s Dani Rose on a flight from Nashville to LaGuardia Airport in New York, where she serenaded customers with Honey County’s viral hit “Got It From My Mama,” leading into Mother’s Day weekend.

I’m sure the concert was lovely. I’m equally sure I would have not been a happy camper, had I been on that plane and subject to it. I think it’s intrusive. I also think the money Southwest spends on their Live at 35 concerts could be spent on things people complain about.

But, as the good blog says, Your Mileage May Vary.

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