1st Class Passengers Shared Spoils With Those in Economy

by SharonKurheg

For those who exclusively fly economy, flying in first or even business class can be something of a big mystery. Sure, Travel + Leisure, Nerdwallet and CNBC have described what it’s like. Reddit had a thread with the etiquette for flying first class. Quora even had a whole discussion about what it’s like to fly first class.

It’s hard to imagine the full experience of flying first or business class unless you’ve actually done it. Two people in business class recently tried to remedy that by sharing some of the amenities they got with their friends who were stuck back in economy.

The foursome from Finland, Anna, Noora, Antti and Oliver, were flying from Helsinki to Amsterdam, on a Finnair A350, to celebrate a special birthday. The group booked their tickets together and were all in the running to upgrade to business class seats. Unfortunately, only two of them, Antti and Oliver, were upgraded.

But they didn’t forget their friends.

While enjoying the bennies of sitting in the front of the plane, Oliver and Antti asked the flight attendants if they could share with Noora and Anna, back in economy. They said yes, so the twosome arrived with champagne and other beverages you wouldn’t typically see in economy (unless maybe you paid for it). Here’s the TikTok video showing the event, which has so far garnered over 7 million views:


@Oliver Kallio & antti keeping me and @lihis96 happy #fyp #pov

♬ original sound – nada

Most of the responses were positive and either focused on what you get in upper classes or mentioned how nice the guys were:

  • Are those drinks all free for business class? — Jane
  • “no one gets left behind” literally😂 — jun..jj29
  • they giving golden retriever energies i want one too☺️ — lucybee
  • their personalities are business class worthy — tangina mo
  • I’ve had a very similar experience with my father but he brought me chilli sauce instead — OSCAR SONG
  • This is true friendship. bestie goals — FirstLadyTracey
  • They even put lemon in the cups!! Real ✨friends✨ — Lilly Love
  • Do they allow that normally — Lindsay

The story kind of reminded me of the guy who sat in first class with his friend, while he left his wife back in economy. Except that story didn’t wind up nearly as happily ever after. 😉

For the record, if you’re flying first or business class, it’s generally not OK to share your airplane food and drink with those in economy.

  • Quora: Are you allowed to share your airplane food with passengers in economy if you’re flying business/first class?
  • Flyertalk: Scolded by FA for bringing food from first class to economy passenger

But sometimes exceptions can be made, such as when this mom shared some of her first class food (and other benefits) with her daughter in economy, as per Insider.

Rules are rules, but whether or not those rules can be broken depends on the flight attendants. It’s possible Antti and Oliver asked for a special exception because the trip was a birthday celebration. Or maybe there was another reason the FA said it was OK to share. It was most definitely an exception to the rule, but it looked like Anna and Noora, along with thousands of TikTok followers, appreciated the gesture.

Feature Image: Finnair

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#Goals to just fly First Class…

David Miller November 13, 2023 - 4:45 pm

When given something, that something is now the property of the person it was given to. What they do with whatever they were given is up to them.


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