The Travel Industry Sector That’s Increased Up To 650% Thanks To COVID-19

by SharonKurheg

Nearly every part of the travel industry has been affected by coronavirus. Many airlines stopped nearly all of their flights and some shut down entirely. Hotels closed down whole wings while others, again, simply closed their doors. Car rental companies have seen an immense slowdown. The cruise industry is still shut down and travel agents have spent significantly more time canceling and moving vacations than planning them. And that’s to say nothing of smaller industries that have been hit.

However as we start to pull out of the first wave (give it time…there undoubtedly will be more), there’s one sector of the travel industry that has not had to close up or even furlough employees, and is, in fact, thriving.

RV rentals.

According to peer-to-peer RV rental company RVShare, bookings for RVs have increased by 650% since April. CruiseAmerica, a nationwide company that rents RV, had seen their one-way business go up “tenfold.” Even small, family-run companies that rent their RVs locally have seen a 50% increase, and sales of RVs are up, as well.

Kampgrounds Of America (a.k.a. KOA Campgrounds) reports that in a recent survey, 1/3 of people who’ve never camped before are expressing an interest in doing so this year, and 29% of non-campers are considering the use of RVs for the first time.

RVs could potentially be the best of all worlds for people who want to travel. You can visit and camp in all kinds of places, and you even have your own bathroom on the way from point A to point B, so you don’t have to use a public restroom. Kitchen facilities of varying sizes may be included and you can even use your own pillows and blankets if you want.

Obviously, vacationing in an RV is not the same as vacationing in a hotel and that would be a turn off for some people. But for those who are looking into road trips to places where an RV wouldn’t be unheard of (read: I wouldn’t recommend getting one for a trip to NYC. Well, if you could plan a trip to NYC), it could be a viable option.

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