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18 Trashy People Who Should Never Be Allowed On A Plane Again

by SharonKurheg

You’ll always read a story about people who have done some awful things while in the airport or on a plane. Because we’re never above throwing in clickbait here and there (No, really! Don’t look so shocked!), we’ve even written about a few of them:

Let’s face it; some people just don’t understand the rules of etiquette on a plane and do some nasty stuff. And sometimes their fellow passengers take a picture of them in the act. And as the old saying goes, that one picture is worth a thousand words. Like these trashy people:

Kindly squeeze your zits somewhere else

PC: djakpineapple

I guess she needed a place to store her jacket

And she needed one for her hair

Whoever left a dirty diaper on the floor in Denver International Airport

PC: chiclebubblegum/ Reddit

And whoever spit all their sunflower seed shells into their seatback pocket

PC: _-World-_

AND whoever put their gum inside the safety booklet

PC: AlphaGP

The woman who thought the airport would be the perfect place to cut her toenails

PC: slavic-soul / Reddit

And then this guy decided to brush his teeth at his seat

PC: princesslala90

I was on a 9 hour flight and my seat was broken so the flight attendant told me to sit next to this woman. 2 seats next to her were free. The woman told me that I couldn’t sit there because she had another layover and needed to sleep. This is what I came back to after leaving my seat for the toilet.

PC: lolleknolle / Reddit

The man who got “comfortable” by taking his pants off and walking around in his boxers.

PC: Eki75 / Reddit

And speaking of underpants… (I wonder if they passed her sniff test?)

This guy blocking the entire aisle with his charger at Miami Int’l Airport.

PC: Bizzlewaf / Reddit

Get a ROOM, you two!

PC: Unknown

The adults(s) who let their kid plaster the plane walls with stickers and just left them there.

PC: Unknown / Reddit

Anyone who leaves a mess behind them when they exit a plane. Like these people.

PC: IAMAraindog / Reddit

Hard to tell from the photo, but this guy apparently just broke up with his girlfriend, while on the plane, and she’s sobbing. Perfect place for all that, right?

PC: keegs141

Goodnight, sleep tight….

PC: barteczko


Or just use your feet to scroll through the in-flight entertainment

PC: beaverkc

So yeah…some people? They should never be allowed on a plane again.

Feature Photo: Figgywithit / Reddit

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derek September 23, 2022 - 8:13 pm

At least it was on the plane. Once, in a hotel, I checked in to find the toilet stuck. I called the front desk. More than an hour passed and nothing. Suddenly, I had to take a dump right away…no searching for a public toilet maybe in the lobby. Should I defecate on the floor? In the spare bed?

Not wanting to leave fecal material in the toilet for the maintenance man, I defecated in a plastic bag and tied it into a knot. Maybe I shouldn’t have done it? However, I did not leave it under the bed or in the closet. After the toilet was unstuck, I dumped it in the toilet and put the plastic bag in another plastic bag.

That incidence shows why it’s good to eat a low fat diet and not a lot of potato chips. The resulting stool is not oily and wipes clean with only a few wipes.

Ursula Kucharski September 24, 2022 - 3:26 pm

Which planet were you raised on?? When you’re a travelling adult, it is presumed that you figure out when you need to use a restroom, and project your timing.!


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