Most Memorable Things Left Behind By Hotel Guests & Found by Housekeeping

by SharonKurheg

A while back we posted about a way to ensure you don’t leave anything behind after a hotel stay. It’s worked for us for years, and I’m sure it’s been a good way for others to ensure they take all their stuff with them, as well.

Of course, some guests don’t want to bring everything with them. Maybe they bought something during their travels and unwrapped it. Stuff like packaging and other unwanted items usually wind up in the trash.

A couple of years ago, a user named MichaelJCarbone asked, “Hotel cleaners of Reddit, what’s your most memorable find left behind by a guest?” There were almost 3,000 replies and some of them were pretty darn interesting. These were the best ones (edited only for adult language, clarity and brevity):

  • Three empty bottles of wine, about two dozen cherry pits scattered all over the floor and under the furniture, and red-colored puke all over the bedspread. There was only one guy staying in the room. — OneWayRabbit
  • (in reply to above) Had a room like this a few weeks ago. 2 Boys aged 18 with a bunch of booze and cigarettes, left vomit all over the beds, toilet and sink. I was scared the room would smell like vomit but it didn’t because they smoked so much.
    They ran off through the emergency exit, which should not have been possible. Luckily one of them left their ID behind so the manager contacted him so he could come and get it back, but only after paying a fine.
    I think the worst part is when my manager told him how unacceptable it was how they left the room behind and he replied ‘Isn’t that what cleaners are for?’ little piece of s**t. —  ninanien
  • Found a human poo in the kettle once. Worse part was it was a ‘celebrity’ (crappy uk reality show) doing a guest appearance at a local club. Him and his mates filled the rooms iPad with d**k pics too. Hotel got rid of the ipads shortly after that. — Geknock
  • Almost tazed myself with a “tube of lipstick” that I found under the bed. — Naprisun
  • My friend’s family owns a motel. He tells me they once found an auto transmission in the bathtub of a room. — smorkoid
  • Some poor kid left his Gameboy
    Sex toys were fairly common… But there was one left in the spa tub once… It was bigger than a 20oz bottle both in length and girth… — MichigaCur
  • On the positive side, some aussies who left me a 12 pack of beer and 50 dollars as a tip. On the negative side, a room for 2 which had been occupied by 9. And on the get some side, a room checked out for one night that the next morning had about 6 or 7 used condoms in the trash can. — anonymous_train
  • Mine was a deer carcass hanging from the shower head … Hunting Season in Wyoming. — bigger-sigh
  • Oh I have two good ones.
    I worked as a hotel cleaner during undergrad.
    My first day of work someone left a hatchet in the bathtub.
    Also, someone completely decorated the room with framed family pictures.. and left them all there. I think their stay was only 2 days. They set some up on the furniture.. but also legit hung some on the walls. — Eric_Partman
  • A gun, in Australia — Scared_Education-168
  • (in reply to above) Wow, dude must have been the police
    for people that aren’t Australian, we have strict gun laws unlike America, so the only people you would find with guns are the police — Meme_Lord75
  • (and in reply to above) And people with gun licenses, like for a gun club or hunting, where it’s be expected to be travelling from one gun safe to another at all times it’s not in use. — Raida7s
  • I worked for a hotel that had cabins, so I would be in and out all day in the hot sun. On one of those hot days I opened the fridge to find an unopened bottle of dr pepper in the freezer part.. it was perfectly slushed. It made my day. This was years ago, too! — Syndaquil
  • I saw a a leader from a local Christian evangelical organization writing a love-note in toothpaste to the women he spent the night with on the bathroom mirror. The door was open enough for me to see in as I walked by the room. The woman he spent the night with was not the woman he was dating at the time. — mikuzgrl
  • my partner gets apartments ready for the next people renting them out after leases are up, they’ve found so, so many bdsm toys. One of which (a flogger) is my cats favorite toy over all others now. — hoteltraumatique
  • We ran a VRBO on the beach in Destin, once a guest left notes all over the place and toy figures in the toilets. Yes each toilet had a action figure. And the notes were behind trash cans or inside closets. They said things like “we left this note for you” or “glad you cleaned here”. — Papa-jw
  • By the tub: empty gallon JUGS of milk next to empty CONTAINERS of Quaker Oats.
    Ma’am that is not how you have an oatmeal bath.
    If it matters, it was whole milk. — elgatodefelix
  • Not me, but my best friend works in house keeping at a hotel chain. I’ve heard some nightmare stories, but there are two that really stand out. The first was after a furry convention came through town, and there was an absurd amount of sex toys left behind. Its pretty common to come across them from time to time, but this almost had to be purposeful. The second was a massive unflushable s**t. She refused to dispose of it, and left the task to her manager. She described it as inhuman, and the size of a football. It took a spatula and a knife from their kitchen to make it manageable enough to flush. — Tainted_Taint_
  • Wasn’t the cleaner, was overnight manager. The morning shift housekeeper called me to a room that had a live diamondback rattlesnake in it. We were located downtown, no way it just came in from outside. Found out a week later the guest was part of that snake handler church. — Faethor_Ferenczy
  • Not a hotel cleaner, but every time I check into a hotel, I check between the mattress and the box spring. I’ve found business cards for strip clubs, condom wrappers (4 of them at once, one time), needles and porn. Hoping for stashed cash from a bank job, but no luck yet. — rock_hound
  • (in reply to above) I found cash in the room Bible once. I was just emptying out the drawer to use and $80 fell out. — gigansaurusrexx
  • One time teenagers wanted a glitter bath. So they dumped glitter in the hot tub. Took months to clean! The glitter kept shooting from the jets and we couldn’t figure out how to clean it all lol. It just kept coming!!! This was when we made $3.50/room about 10 years ago. One housekeeper found a half full bottle of vodka and drained it. If she brought it home her family would make her share and she was the only worker in the house (extended family too). She was about 4’3” and just the Wiliest woman ever. She’s probably dead now. She had other problems. But damn could she clean!! — Crap_Sally
  • My girlfriend worked the front desk at a hotel where snoop Dogg stayed.
    He left his drawers and white tees. Snoop also left a bunch of Tic Tacs.
    But the best thing he left was a plastic Tupperware bowl over the smoke detector. — niketen
  • Not me, but one of my friends once cleaned Snoop Dogg’s hotel room and he left his xbox remotes behind. — Kenmeah
  • The employees of the MGM in Las Vegas were tasked with going to the rooms of guests who died in the fire in 1980 to collect their belongings for their families to claim. They found at least twice as much cocaine than they reported. — Anonymous
  • A baby, they left a baby only to come back 6 hours after checkout. Greet parents right there. — boogasaurus-lefts
  • The guy who lost his ‘do not disturb’ sign and decided to use toilet paper instead. — BearAndAcorn
  • A completely untouched room, the guests were on tour from China, they left the hotel at 2am with only their luggage to start their new life in Australia. — enjoywhatitleftyou
  • Three words: sperm shaped confetti. — tetrahedralcathedral
  • Technically I didn’t find it. A guest came down to the desk holding a glass bong in the shape of a gun she found under her bed after she checked in. Her exact words were “I’m not upset it was missed. I’m more upset that my 13 year old grandson knows what it’s used for.” — shippingmyworld
  • I’m a laundry attendant for a hotel in my city. The worst thing that I have seen so far is 3 towels covered in blood because someone gave birth in our bathtub. — Autumn_In-The_Vibes
  • Dildo in soup. Uneaten, untouched warmed up chicken noodle soup. And a dildo in it. — kaqn
  • Not a cleaner per se, but a hotel manager at a prominent hotel in NYC.
    A few years ago, Floyd Mayweather had a fight at MSG or Barclays (I cant remember which one) and stayed in our penthouse after the fight. Shortly after checking out the next day, I get a phone call from a housekeeping manager to come up to the Penthouse. I went up right away, and immediately after entering, I see his championship belt laying on the sectional couch – he left it behind!
    We immediately called his agent who didnt immediately answer because they were on a flight, but we held the belt in my office for a few days so the Mayweather team could arrange for someone trustworthy to pick up the belt.
    Really cool experience and Mayweather overall is a really great guy. — rpm3061
  • Hotel Gm: LIVE CHICKENS!! the housekeeper was totally freaked out- they were running around the room s**tting everywhere and the bathtub was filled with feed. This was a mid tier Hilton property in the state capital. When I called the guest to explain we have a no pet policy and talk about the damage they started crying saying “they are show chickens and it was too cold outside over night to leave them in the car” — MidwestMartini
  • My dad was in management at one of the top hotels in the US. In the early 1990’s Rosanne Bar was a guest. She left an entire treadmill. — Anonymous
  • I worked at an Extended Stay America in my area around 08-2012 and we had this one guy who was a photographer that would come in every weekend with two different ladies everytime. He’d also bring copious amounts of pancake mix with him and mix it in the bath tub, and then take pics of the chicks naked covered in the mix. He would always clean it up and would leave like two/three 40-50 pound trashbags worth of pancake batter in the tub. He’d usually leave a couple of printouts for the maintenance crew (just this other guy and me were maintenance), and they were sexy pics, just weird lmao. Pancake batter dude, if you’re still out there, I hope you’ve moved onto bigger and better hotel bathrooms. — LeakysBrother
  • Maintenance here. If the hotel has drop ceilings, and you have a sports team of teenagers, there is no telling what they’ll hide there. Found empty liquor bottles, roaches in their little weed bag, condoms, apple bongs, someone’s shorts, condoms, you name it it has been in our ceilings. — Tox38
  • Not me but a colleague: We used to clean at some fancy holiday cabins and housekeeping entered one to find a small crew filming a porno in the master bedroom. Lighting, boom mic guy, a director and ‘the talent’. Seems they didn’t get the memo on check-out time. — bensnatch
  • I used to do housekeeping at a CO dude ranch. I once found 3 rainbow trout swimming in a bathtub. The guest wanted to sneak them home. We were a catch and release resort. — lbanf
  • My sister found a room where they’d removed the toilet from the bathroom and just left it sitting in the middle of the bedroom floor.
    Her comment: “You know they had to be trying to do that!” — woadgrrl

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