HOORAY! The Newest Updates To The MyTSA App Makes It Actually USEFUL!

by SharonKurheg

The MyTSA app has been around for about 8 years but it took a while for it to become, well, useful. But finally…FINALLY…it’s something you may want to consider downloading (if you hadn’t already), and actually start using. Here’s why:

It Gives Realistic Wait Times

Before the more recent updates, the MyTSA app used open crowd-sourcing to determine wait times at X-ray queues around the country. The problem was that the crowd sourced times were not in sync with what the TSA said its data reported, or, for that matter, the amount of money and increased staff the TSA had spent to lower wait times. Whether that was because the crowd-sourced information was continuously incorrect, or the TSA’s data was somehow flawed, or perhaps it was just an embarrassment (to the TSA) and frustrating (for the travelers) to have an app that said there were 45 minute waits at LAX’s check point when they were 100 minutes in reality, is something we’ll probably never know. But that was then.

This is now and, apparently, the problem is fixed and the wait times the TSA posts are supposedly accurate. Hooray!


But That’s Not All!

The TSA gets hundreds of thousands of calls and emails every year, mainly from people asking about security procedures, ID requirements or if an item is permitted on a plane. The MyTSA app also gives lots of helpful information that travelers might like to know, such as:

  • mytsaCheck crowd-sourced TSA security checkpoints wait times at the airport of your choice.
  • Check how historically busy the airport will be on your specific day and time of travel.
  • Add your own TSA security checkpoints wait time for others to see (NOTE: You now must be at the airport in order to report wait times. Apparently this had been an issue in past versions of the app, so now you have to be at the airport to report on what’s happening at the airport…which kinda makes sense, LOLOL!).
  • Check the delay information and current weather conditions at your favorite airports nationwide.
  • Quickly search which items you can bring with you through the checkpoint onto the airplane (roughly 70% of the above mentioned calls and emails were “Can I Bring?” questions).
  • Consult the TSA Guide on how to prepare for and get through the security checkpoint quickly (i.e. tips for members of the military and travelers with special needs and/or children; rules for liquids, gels and aerosols; packing and wardrobe tips for speeding through security; and information on traveling with food and gifts).
  • Discover which airports and airlines support TSA Pre✓®, and learn how to sign-up.
  • Request live assistance from TSA through the AskTSA social media integration.

The MyTSA app is available to download for free from the app stores for iOS and Android phones.

***Feature photo created by Dragana_Gordic – Freepik.com

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